The Sales Management

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Important information

  • Course
  • Online
  • Duration:
    2 Months

Understanding the sales cycle. Capacity analysis of the market. Ability to identify and create opportunities. Organizational capacity of commercial work. Ability to manage time properly. Ability to evaluate, validate and recognize the work of individuals.
Suitable for: People with business experience, college degree or professional, as well as mid-level general education (High School)

Important information

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· Requirements

Business experience, college or professional degree.

Course programme

  • Defining the business management model in an SME business through the sales process.
  • From nothing to order. The different phases of work. The sales cycle.
  • Photographing the market
  • The review of clients and the Pareto rule.
  • Create an agenda

  • Time management in sales, that precious treasure.
  • Compensation of salesmen and sales targets.
  • The assessment, validation and recognition for the people.
  • Leading sales teams is not just manage them. Leadership development is quite a large task.
  • The organization of sales meetings, how many? Why?
  • The generation of a good working environment. How do I create it?
  • The winners of sales.
  • Self-diagnosis of an SME. Opportunities for discussion and growth.
  • Achievements for this centre

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