Master the neuroscience of sales

Sales Training: The art of selling to intelligent people

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Welcome to The art of selling to intelligent people, an advanced training course for sales professionals and anyone who needs to sell ideas, concepts or products.

Do you want to SUCCEED at sales?

Do you need to IMPROVE your reputation?

Do you need HIGHER conversion rates?

It all starts here: Resistance to persuasion is common among intelligent beings, Yet many sales professionals still try to manipulate clients through mental strategies, which is precisely why they fail to close straight forward deals that should have been closed easily. You are about to learn from two well known coaches: a psychologist and a trusted business adviser how to turn these challenges into sales opportunities.

Sales managers are still on the top 10 earners list in the world - hence mastery of the subject can have a profound impact on your lifestyle and earnings.

There are three groups of people who will benefit tremendously from this sales course:

If you already work in sales and perform well, but somehow find that over time your reputation suffers in the process.

If you are totally NEW to sales and would like to do it right from the start, you should master sales psychology so that you do not seem desperate in this profession.

If you work in sales, have a good reputation, but you need to increase your conversion rate to enjoy a better lifestyle.

So is the art of selling for you? That depends if you’re interested to engage more intelligently with people in both a B2B and B2C environment. If the answer is YES, it is probably for you. Our philosophy is to pursue smarter sales, not harder sales. The success of your deal does not depend on YOUR desire to sell. It is not about working 10X, 20X or even 100X harder on methods that don’t work. Sales success depends on your ability to understand the psychology of sales and to be a smart sales person, who can act confident, relaxed and stick to a set of winning rules.

Important information
What are the course objectives?

Over 21 lectures and 2 hours of content!
Experience higher success and conversion rates with neuro-selling
Apply the psychology of trust as a sales professional and boost credibility
Use the emotional sales model rather than rational appeals
Know how buyers think and why they buy - and act accordingly
Negotiate more effectively with BATNA
Be able to use reverse psychology in exceptional cases
Use a range of special sales tools to influence the process positively
Implement effective reputation management
Identify and combat buyers' remorse effectively

Is this course for me?

Anyone who works with sales and interacts with people
Anyone who seeks to be more influential with clients
Most people sell in some way or another: If you do relational selling
This course is not aimed at online selling where direct human interaction is absent

How do I enrol?

All the information is provided here. Candidates should proceed to enroll online

Requirements: Internet access Reasonable level of English


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Course programme

Meet your instructors

Conquering the buying brain: Understanding the neuroscience of sales           

The 3 Stage Selling Model
Connecting with customers
Establishing credibility
Balancing professional and personal trust

The professional sales mindset: Tactics to improve deal psychology           

Ebook on the psychology of trust
Disqualifying your customer: The power of reverse psychology
BATNA: Why you should enter negotiations with stronger BATNA
Replacing fear with genuine, credible reasons to buy
Extending the customers’ vision: Refocus them towards a long term vision
Not a good fit: Surprise your customer with that which they least expect
The law of scarcity: What we can learn from luxury brands
Analysis paralysis: Winning strategies against buyer indecision
The perception of price and quality – How to price it for a psychological win

Managing the after sales experience: Critical post purchase considerations           

Lessons in reputation management
Buyers’ remorse: How to identify and resolve it swiftly