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Course programme

Sanskrit - Basic 1

Sanskrit language is described as Divine language or the language of Gods (Deva-bhasha ). Sanskrit the very word means “cultured” and expresses the essence of this language. The knowledge of Sanskrit is a must to get a glimpse of the rich ancient Indian culture and heritage. It is the source language of most of the Indo-aryan languages. Revival of this language is making its head-way in many areas. In the modern context, It is understood to be the most compatible language for computers. The present course is designed for students who are familiar with the Devanagari script. From building the basic vocabulary to constructing simple, meaningful sentences or syntax building is attempted in this course with sufficient home work for the serious learners. The course also teaches the Kaaraka (cases) for developing the language skills for writing and speaking. (30 lessons) Study material for and after the class provided for each class followed by tests and assignments at regular intervals.

Devanagari Script - Take your first step to reading / writing Sanskrit

The course is mainly for students who are not native speakers of Sanskrit. Each language has its unique sets of sounds. in the present course emphasis is on phonetics, pronunciation and identifying sounds to specific symbols. A brief introduction is added about Panini, the well known grammarian and his scientific approach to phonology. Get your vocal chords ready, and ears sharp to distinguish the subtle variations in sounds! A thorough training is given so that the students can read and write the most complicated words with ease. The good news is, Sanskrit is a phonetic language where you write exactly as you speak! No put and but problems with spellings! (10 lessons) students will be provided with charts and worksheets for them to get familiar with the script.

Sanskrita -Sambhashanam

Conveying day to day communications in simple sentences. Ample vocabulary building and the gender classifications of nouns by practice and more practice. (4 lessons)

Sanskrit Grammar - the Panini way

Panini, the famous Grammarian has composed the Sanskrit grammar, which can bewilder a language enthusiast. A sharp intellect and a slight mathematical bend of mind are pre-reqisite to enter into this world of sanskrit grammar. (5 lessons).

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