Spanish as a Foreign Language

Advanced Studies in the Spanish Language

Spanish Language, Hispanic Literature and Spanish as a Foreign Language

UAB - Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Màsters Oficials
In Cerdanyola Del Vallès ()

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Important information

  • Master
  • Duration:
    1 Year

This is an official one-year Master that approaches both the linguistic and literary aspects of the Spanish language in all its variants. It is taught in the afternoons, starting at 3pm, in the Department of Philosophy and Language of the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. Its objective is to respond to the labour demand of Spanish teachers and also to prepare the student for doctoral research.

Important information

Requirements: The Master is mainly aimed philologists, although arts and humanities university degree-holders may also be admitted.

Nationally recognised qualification: Official university Master - Ministry of Education


Where and when

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What you'll learn on the course

ICT for the Spanish Language
Textual Criticism
Synchronic Description of Language
Methodology of Studies
Spanish Language and Variation
Rules and Use
Literature, Culture and Society
Literary Traditions
Latin America, Language and Literature
Introduction to Research in Language and Literature

Course programme

  • Master's Dissertation
  • Principles and Methods
  • ELE: Language and Literature
  • Introduction to Research in Langauge and Literature
  • Latin America: Language and Literature
  • Literary Traditions
  • Literature, Culture and Society
  • Spanish Discourse and Variation
  • Spanish: Rules and Use
  • Systematic Aspects of Spanish
  • Text Criticism

Additional information

The price of the Master for non-residents in Spain from countries outside the European Union is 113 Euros per ECTS credit.