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109 Mahavir Industrial Estate, Mahakali Caves Road, Paper Box, Andheri (E), 400093, Maharashtra, India
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Starts On request
109 Mahavir Industrial Estate, Mahakali Caves Road, Paper Box, Andheri (E), 400093, Maharashtra, India
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Course programme

Through this course, candidates can expand the self-assurance, approach & important Behavioral abilities that are needed to create superb relationship in present competitive commercial era.

In commercial atmosphere, the method of communicating messages is very essential.

Essential Features:

* Communication skills in all Stages
* Considering the approaches and sentiments included
* Building self-assurance & Self-management
* Interacting with various characters
* Proposal & constrain to attain organization goals
* Attain the talents of influencing others & boldness that offers person the desired results & an optimistic work environment
* Lessen the pressure of complex circumstances with others
* Spotlight on Client satisfaction
* Advancing client concentration, devotion, ideas and constrain
* Advance talent to create captivating associations with all in the office
* Exhibit the desired image and spread your message from corner to corner
* Study various behavioral approaches and their uses

Coaching Syllabus:

Client /Call Center Abilities:

1) Managing Calls
2) Communicational Abilities
3) Client Care
4) Private Grooming
5) Writing Abilities & designs
6) Electronic mail Write-ups

Voice and Pronunciation Coaching Syllabus:

1) Voice Intonation
2) Accent
3) Correct English
4) Conceptions
5) Audio-Video Presentation
6) Significant Literary matters related to West Europe

Structure of Programme Syllabus:

Managing Calls

1) Building Specialized Perception
2) Transfer of Calls & Waiting of Calls
3) Constructive & Kind Approach
4) Suitable Talent & Acquaintance
5) Sociable, Pleasant and Cheery
6) Developing Humorous Nature
7) Mood & Emotion Control
8) Balanced Behavior & Judgment
9) Right usage of English Language
10) Accountable Approach
11) Exhibit Enthusiasm and Assurance
12) Distraction Control
13) Frequent Pitfall on Phone

Communication Abilities:

1) Your performance on telephone defines your association’s reflection
2) Language Usage & words selection
3) Tonality Significance (Vocal Exercise)
4) Active Listening Command
5) Considerate & Possessing an Open Mentality
6) Compassion Development
7) Learning from errors so that they do not happen again
8) Building Products and Client Base Information for improved Communication abilities and self-assurance
9) Body Language Usage and gesture
10) Evading disapprovals, quarrels
11) Remarks Preparation and double-checking
12) Developing FAQ
13) Foretelling Energy & Interest
14) Pauses Usage & Non-word abolition

Client Care

1) Ensure Excellence
2) Developing Client Assurance & Faith
3) Extra Efforts for Client Devotion
4) Developing Permanent Bond
5) RISE Hypothesis
6) Respond
7) Interpret
8) Sense
9) Evaluation


1) Increasing Self-Inspirational Procedures
2) Efficient Time, Space, Information and Call Management
3) Strong Mental and Physical Attitude
4) Managing Monotony & Pressure
5) Getting Bendable to Study and Growth
6) Private and Specialized Approach Achievement Factor
7) Getting Practical & Sharp-Eyed
8) Helpful Points for building good Habit
9) Inspecting Personal Presentation Criteria
10) Set Personal Target for Attainment

Writing Skill & Format

1) Commercial Electronic mails and Correspondence Purpose
2) Ethics and Significance of Efficient Writing
3) Concrete & Concise Writing
4) Involve Reader in write-ups
5) Handling Daily Electronic mails, problems, objections
6) Handling Good and Bad Information
7) Commercial Electronic mails Etiquettes
8) Recognize the material that readers want to read
9) Be Genuine & Private
10) Be Optimistic in Your Perception

Electronic Mails Writing

1) Changes in Electronic Mails and Latest formats
2) Electronic Mail etiquettes
3) Evading too much punctuations
4) Importance of Blank Spaces
5) Select the accurate language level
6) Select the accurate styles & tones
7) Personalize writing

Voice and Pronunciation Coaching Syllabus:

Voice Accent

1) Clearness
2) Sounds & pitches
3) Speed
4) Quantity
5) Diversity
6) Smoothness
7) Exercise


1) Consonant
2) Vowel
3) Modulation
4) Tongue and Jaw Practices
5) Faltering & Boredom
6) Speech Rate
7) Dialect
8) Appendage
9) Regularity
10) Tag Question
11) Pause and Level
12) Intonation
13) Elimination of Indian Intonation

Correct English

1) Grammatical Error
2) Use of Article
3) Verb, Adjective, Pronoun etc.


1) Means to Understand & Being Understood
2) Significant pointers speaking & using English
3) Tense Word
4) Utility Word

Audio-Video Presentation

1) Watch Video
2) Listen to Audio Tape
3) Imitate Peculiar Word and Phrase
4) Speak common sentence
5) Role-play and Recordings
6) Exercise Methods

Significant Artistic Matters related to West Europe:

1) Etiquettes and Mannerism
2) Literary Matters – Television serial, market and client background
3) Client Hopes – procedures of business and perception
4) General Pitfall – overstatement

Achievements for this centre

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