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    1 Year
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Understanding the Development environment would be one of the prime takeaways. The automation is as quick as a fairy’s magic wand, you think and it is done for you. This course talks about the automations and time saving techniques leading to error free and diligent results. The industries and functional specializations such as Information Technology, Administration, accounting, Finance, Marketing, Operations, Human Resource Management, Health care benefit the most by using Excel.

Important information
What are the course objectives?

The Objective of this course is to enable understudies to understand and Explore the Developer Ribbon of Excel, Record simple macros, Appreciate the components of VBA Integrated Development Environment, Rectify recorded macros, Understand basic data types, operators.

Requirements: Some knowledge of basic word processing, computing, and spreadsheets; familiarity with the Microsoft Office work environment


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This Course Consists of the following contents- 1.Introduction and classification of Macros, 2.Exploring the Developer Ribbon, 3.Recording simple Macros, 4.Overview VBA IDE - components and features, 5.Exploring VBA Editor - Modules, functions and Expressions, 6.Rectifying recorded Macros, 7.Coding simple Sub Procedures in VBA, 8.Understanding basic data types, operators, and data handling methods. Studying these subjects and topics will bring you to understand how this position works and which skills you should develop in order to fulfil your responsibilities. Even if you have a busy day to day live, this course adapts itself to your routine. Should you have any doubts, please do not hesitate to ask for more information through Emagister, leading educational portal.

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This Course is made for students to become able to manage data independently, User will be able to do reports (eg: Financial, Banking, Insurance, Pharmaceutical, Retail, Educational, small shops etc), User will become data analyst, User will able to do MIS reports, Able to explore the Automation techniques of Excel using Macros and VBA.