Symantec: Backup Exec 2010: Administration Course

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  • Bangalore
  • Duration:
    5 Days

Suitable for: This course is for system administrators, system engineers, technical support personnel, consultants, network administrators, backup administrators, backup operators, and others who are responsible for installing, configuring, and administering Backup Exec 2010.

Important information

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#70/1, 2nd Floor, Dr.Brownamma Towers 2nd Cross, Mission Road, CSI Compund, Opp: HCG Hospital, 560027, Karnataka, India
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Frequent Asked Questions

· Requirements

You must have working knowledge of administration and configuration of the Windows 2000 Server, Windows Server 2003, and Windows Server 2008 platforms. You must also have experience configuring server software and hardware. Knowledge of domain security and experience with Active Directory, Windows Server 2008, and Windows Vista is recommended. Knowledge of the following applications is beneficial, but not required: * MS-SQL Server * Microsoft Exchange Server * Symantec Enterprise Vault * Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server * Microsoft Hyper-V * VMware Virtual Infrastructure

Course programme

About the course structure

* Symantec's education in addition to hold up resources
* What is new-fangled in Support Executive 2010?

Support Executiveutive 2010: End-of-life items
Support Executiveutive rudiments

* Support Executiveutive structural design
* Setting prerequisites
* Setting a media server
* Carrying out a fundamental support work
* Carrying out a fundamental re-establish work

Devices in addition to Media

* Supported devices in addition to media
* Arranging plans
* Administering plans
* Administering media
* Media lists
* Virtual tape documentation

Backing Up Information

* Support job fundamentals
* Arranging support jobs
* Carrying out support jobs
* GRT-enabled supports

Establishing Support Policies

* Policy
* Template
* Association rules
* Creating a policy-based support work

Restore Information

* Arranging restore jobs
* Carrying out restore jobs
* System resurgence

Highly Developed Functionality

* Highly Developed device administration
* Highly Developed media function
* Encryption in addition to firmness
* Vaulting

Monitoring in addition to Troubleshooting Support Executive

* Monitoring Support Executive activity
* Controlling Support Executive activity
* Support Executive utilities

Performance tuning in addition to Information base upholding

* Device administration
* The Assist Executive Information base

Symantec Assist Executive 12.5: Administration II
Remote Agents

Highly Developed Assist systems

* Highly Developed Open File Option
* Highly Developed Disk-Based Assist Option

Assist for Windows Server 2008 R2 Features

* Assist for come together shared volumes
* Assist for inhabitant VHD
* Assist for Bit Locker
* Assist for novel in addition to efficient writers

Desktop in addition to Laptop Option

* D L O overview
* Setting D L O
* Arranging D L O
* Additional D L O tasks
* Highly Developed D L O functions

Central Admin Server Option
* C A S O overview
* Setting in addition to Arranging C A S O
* Backing up files by means of C A S O
* Restoring files by means of C A S O
* Monitoring C A S O

Continuous Protection Server

* C P S overview
* Setting in addition to Arranging C P S
* C P S jobs
* Restoring C P S Information
* Protecting C P S with Assist Executive
* Monitoring C P S action

Addition with Additional Symantec Solutions

* The Symantec Protection Network (SPN)
* Symantec End Point Protection addition
* Symantec online storage for Assist Executive

Information base Agents

* Information base agents overview
* Setting Information base agents
* Assisted Information bases

Archiving Options for Assist Executive 2010

* Archiving options impression
* Archiving option components
* Performing pre Setting tasks in addition to checks
* Setting the Assist Executive Archiving Options
* Arranging the Assist Executive Archiving Options
* Creating an archive job
* Restoring Information from archives
* Global archiving options
* Best practices
* By means of Assist Executive Retrieve
* Troubleshooting the Assist Executive Archival Option
* UnSetting the archiving options

Deduplication Option for Assist Executive 2010

* Deduplication in addition to OpenStorage fundamentals
* Assist Executive Assist for deduplication
* Setting the Deduplication Option
* Arranging the Deduplication Option
* Performing Information deduplication

NDMP Path to Tape Assist in Assist Executive

* NDMP path-to-tape fundamentals
* NDMP path-to-tape enhancements
* Performing a Assist
* Performing a restore
* Assist for Information encryption

Symantec Assist Executive 12.5: Information base Agents
Agent for MS-SQL Server

* MS-SQL Server overview
* SQL Agent overview
* Backing up MS-SQL Server
* Restoring an MS-SQL Server Information base

Agent for Microsoft Exchange Server

* Microsoft Exchange Server impression
* Exchange Agent impression
* Backing up Exchange
* Restoring Exchange
* Assist for Microsoft Exchange 2010

Agent for Enterprise Vault

* Enterprise Vault overview
* By means of the Agent for Enterprise Vault
* Assist Executive Agent for Enterprise Vault enhancements
* Assist enhancements for Enterprise Vault
* Restore enhancements for Enterprise Vault
* Assist for Archiving Option components
* Troubleshooting the Assist Executive Agent for Enterprise Vault
* Migrating Information from Enterprise Vault to Assist Executive

Agent for Share Point Server

* SharePoint Agent general idea
* By means of the Share Point Agent with SharePoint Portal Server 2001
* By means of the SharePoint Agent with Share Point Portal Server 2003 in addition to Windows SharePoint Services
* By means of the SharePoint Agent with Share Point Portal Server 2007 in addition to Windows SharePoint Services 3.0
* Assist Executive Agent for Share Point enhancements

Virtual Environment Agents

* Virtualization technology
* Assist Executive Virtualization Agents
* By means of the Agent for V Mware
* By means of the Agent for Microsoft Virtual Server
* Assist Executive Agent for Microsoft Hyper- V augmentations
* Assist Executive Agent for V Mware Virtual Infrastructure enhancements
* Application GRT for virtual machine image Assists

Agent for Lotus Domino 8.5

* Lotus Domino overview
* By means of the Lotus Domino Agent with Lotus Domino 8.5
* Backing up Lotus Domino 8.5 Information bases
* Restore Lotus Domino 8.5 Information bases
* Known precincts
* Suggested most excellent practices

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