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Important information

  • Training
  • Visakhapatnam
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    1 Day

Important information

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4th Floor Rednam Regency Diamond Park Dwarakanagar, 530016, Andhra Pradesh, India
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Course programme

Fanatical Embedded Systems
Introductions of Electronics; Rudiments of Digital Electronics; Digital Logical Technologies; Logical Gates; Flip Flop; Register; Buffer; Adder; Counter; Microprocessor Architectures; P.I.N. Diagram; Addresses Decoding; Inter-facing R.A.M.; R.O.M. and Tangential Chip to Microprocessor, Interruptions, Assembly Languages Programs, Peripheral Devices; Programming Peripheral Devices; Key-Board Programming; A.D.C.; D.A.C.; Stepper Motors Controlling.
Host-Target Embedded System Micro Controller Architecture; Pin Diagrams; Assembly Language Programming; Interrupts; Timers; Input/Output Ports, A.D.C.; D.A.C.; Stepper Motor Controlling; Key-Boards; Programming; L.C.D. Display Programming; Serial Communication.

Client-Server Embedded System
UNIX File-System; Commands; Vi – Editor; Shell Program.
C-Language Arrays; Pointers; Structures; Data Structures; Stacks; Queues; & Linked Lists.
UNIX Internals File Input/Output, Pipes; Processes; Signals; I.P.C.; Shared Memory; Message Queues; Semaphores.
Network Programming O.S.I. Layers; Socket Programming; TCP/IP Clientele Server Programming; U.D.P. Clientele Server Programming.
Real-Time Embedded Systems
Fundamentals of O.S.I. Layer; Socket Programming; T.C.P./ I.P. Clientele Servers Program; U.D.P. Clientele Servers Program.

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