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  • Visakhapatnam
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    1 Day

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4th Floor Rednam Regency Diamond Park Dwarakanagar, 530016, Andhra Pradesh, India
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Course programme

General Fundamentals of Fluid Flows; General Beliefs of Flow-Measurements; Various Pressure Meter; Other Kinds of Flow-Meters Utilize Pressures Variance; Rotate Mechanical Meter; Flow Meter-Electric Transducers; Fluids Velocity Measurement Instrument & Insertion-Meters, Specialized Troubles in Flow Metering; Selecting of Flow-Meters; Calibrations of Flow-Meters & Velocity-Meters, Instrumentation utilized with Flow Meters; Solenoid; Counters; Timers plus I / P Converters.
Exhibition : Program modules are exhibited on Worldwide brands P.L.C. including practical semesters in Digital plus Analogs.
Higher Phase P.L.C. Program

Program; Digital-Inputs; Digital-Output; Analog-Inputs; Analog-Outputs; Developing of Controlling Systems; Digital Levels plus Analog-Level Controlling Systems; Temperatures; Pressures plus Flow Controlling Systems.

Communication and Networking

Meadow Communication; Analog-Signals; Digital-Signals; Field Bus; Hybrid-System; Network Topology.

Sensor plus Transducer
Strains Gauges Sensor; Air Flowing Sensor, Air Pressures Sensor; Slotted Opto Sensor; Reflective Opto Sensor; Inductive Proximity Sensor; Hall Effects Sensor; Precision Servo Potentiometer; Tacho Generator; Humidity Sensors; Changeable Micro-phone; Ultrasonic Receivers.
"Input Transducers"
Carbon Track; Wire -Wound plus Precision Rotary Potentiometers; Slide Potentiometers; N.T.C. Thermistor; Kind"K" Thermocouples; I-C. Temperatures Sensor; Photoconductive Cell; Photovoltaic-Cell, transistors; P.I.N. Photodiode; Linear-Variable Differential Transformer; Linear Variable Capacitor.
"Output Transducers"
Heater; Filament-Lamp, D.C. Motors; Solenoid Air Valves; Ultrasonic-Transmitter; Buzzer; Loudspeaker; Relays of Control Valves (Striation etc.); Needs for Tuning Control Loops; Tuning Methods.
Industrial -Instrumentation
Basics of Instrument Terminology
S.I. Units; Supplementary Unit; Derived Units, Gravity Dependant and Independent Units; Units for Pneumatic Transmission; Pressures; Units of Pressures; Pressure Meters; Transducers; Mechanical-Transducers; electronics Transducers; Transmitters; Kinds of Transmitters; Calibrating Transmitters; Case-study of Various Pressure Transmitter.
Pressure Calculations
Meaning of pressure; Units of calculation of pressure; Exact pressure; gauge pressure plus the distinction among them. Barometer; the rudiment instruments of pressure; Aneroid barometer; Burdon tube elements to calculate pressure; Descriptions of different mechanical plus electrical kind of pressure calculating devices.
Calculating of Phases, Straight Techniques, Pressures Operated Levels Gauging; H.T.G. Methods; Hazardous Environmental Calculations; Case-Study.
Conductivity and "Ph" Measurement
Conducting & Calculations of Solutions; Electron Chemical infl uences; Electrode less Measurements; Calculating 'Ph'; Case-Study.
Measure Temperatures; Kinds of Thermometers; Thermocouples; R.T.D.; Calibrating Thermocouples & RTD; Case-Study.
Unit of Gas; Spectroscopies; Infrared Analyzing; SO-2 Etalons Analyzers; Flame Ionisation Detection; Sampling System; Case-Study.
Piping & Instrumentations Draw-up
Drawing Symbol; I.S.A. Schemes & Symbols; Drawing Reading-Practice controlling systems plus automations.

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