The Ultimate Photography Training Bundle, 12 Courses

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This photography business online course bundle contains 12 key courses that will equip you with the knowledge, skills and confidence to not only take your photography skills to the next level, but go on to start a profitable Photography business!

If you're looking to start a successful photography business then look no further, kicking off with our highly popular Photography & Photoshop course you will learn not only to take better photos with your SLR but also how to further tweak those images in Photoshop, taking your photography to a professional level.

Important information
What are the course objectives?

You're going to need more then just great photography skills to operate your own business though, this is where the additional 9 courses included in this bundle will help you out. Courses included such as Communication Strategies and Negotiation Skills will help you in your day to day dealings with clients and employees. Entrepreneurship on the other hand will help you start your business, nurture its growth and get potential new customers over the line.

Additionally you gain access to the Internet Marketing Fundamentals Course which will help you market your business on the web, increasing your maximum exposure so that you can focus on improving the quality of your work while the clients come rolling in.

Requirements: Entry requirements Students must have basic literacy and numeracy skills. Minimum education Open entry. Previous schooling and academic achievements are not required for entry into this course. Microsoft Windows XP, or later Modern and up to date Browser (Internet Explorer 8 or later, Firefox, Chrome, Safari) MAC/iOS OSX/iOS 6 or later Modern and up to date Browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari) All systems Internet bandwidth of 1Mb or faster Flash player or a browser with HTML5 video capabilities(Currently Internet Explorer 9, Firefox, Chrome, Safari) Adobe Acrobat Reader


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What you'll learn on the course

SLR Photography

Course programme

The Photography and Photoshop Online Course:
Module 1: Certificate In Learn Digital SLR Camera
  • Unit 1: Introduction to Photography
  • Unit 2: Understanding Exposure
  • Unit 3: Landscape Photography
  • Unit 4: Night Photography
  • Unit 5: Travel Photography
  • Unit 6: Cruise Ship Photography
  • Unit 7: Part A Studio Photography
  • Unit 8: Fine Art Photography
  • Unit 9: Portrait Photography
  • Unit 10: SLR Video Photography
  • Unit 11: Aerial Photography
  • Unit 12: Fashion Shoot

Module 2: Certificate In Professional Photography
  • Unit 1: Different types of photography explained
  • Unit 2: How to set up your photography business
  • Unit 3: Advanced Photographic techniques
  • Unit 4: How to promote your business
  • Unit 5: Making your business legal
  • Unit 6: Marketing masterclass session one
  • Unit 7: Marketing masterclass session two
  • Unit 8: Marketing masterclass session three
  • Resources Including All Business Templates

Module 3: Certificate In Photoshop Techniques
  • Unit 1: Selection Tools
  • Unit 2: How To get a magazine look in your photos
  • Unit 3: Rescuing a Photo
  • Unit 4: Fixing Up Faces
  • Unit 5: Layering
  • Unit 6: Creating a Montage Page
  • Unit 7: Adjusting Photos

Additional Courses
  • Course 1 - Certificate In Communication strategies Online Course
  • Course 2 - Certificate In Entrepreneurship Online Course
  • Course 3 - Certificate In Negotiation Skills Online Course
  • Course 4 - Certificate In Personal Branding Online Course
  • Course 5 - Certificate In Project Management Online Course
  • Course 6 - Certificate In Internet Marketing fundamentals Online Course
  • Course 7 - Certificate In Business acumen Online Course
  • Course 8 - Certificate In Overcoming sales objections Online Course
  • Course 9 - Certificate In Body Language basics Online Course

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