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Start Pune
Duration 1 Month
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    1 Month

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Office No. 2 ,First Floor,Punit-Yash Arcade,Karve Road,Near Kothrud Stand,Kothrud-411038, 411038, Maharashtra, India
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Starts On request
Office No. 2 ,First Floor,Punit-Yash Arcade,Karve Road,Near Kothrud Stand,Kothrud-411038, 411038, Maharashtra, India
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Course programme

This program includes subjects related to Management & Shell Scripting.

Program Preface:

* Management & Study Content
* Program Design & Schedule
* Delegates & Instructors Outline

1st Chapter: Preface of HP Unix OS
* A concise background of UNIX
* UNIX kernel
* UNIX file system
* The process of searching the file system
* Design of File Systems
* Directory & file
* Path name
* File system search path
* Practice: Log into the system
* Practice: Searching the file system

2nd Chapter: Fundamental Commands
* Instructing line syntax
* Fundamental file handling commands
* Fundamental Directory controlling commands
* Filename wildcard characters
* Practice: Manipulation of files & directories

* Redirecting Inputs
* Redirecting Outputs
* Pipes
* Practice: Utilizing redirection & pipe privileges

4th Chapter: Preface of vi EDITOR
* vi editor Synopsis
* Fundamental tasks
* Moving on to input form
* Other helpful commands
* Practice: Usage of vi editor
* Practice: Usage of more developed vi characteristics

5th Chapter: Investigating & Substituting Text
* Text Replacement
* vi editor Usage
* Utilizing sed for investigation & substitution
* Probing for text with grep
* Connecting file
* Practice: Investigating & substituting Text

6th Chapter: RECALL & EDIT Commands

* Outline
* Bash shell
* Korn shell
* Practice: RECALL & EDIT Commands

7th Chapter: Permitting Files & Access Handling
* User & user group
* File access authorization
* Altering file dimensions
* Changing users and user groups
* Connecting files
* Practice: Setting & access permits

8th Chapter: Procedures
* Meaning of Procedure
* Checking Procedures
* Killing Procedures
* Background Procedures
* Job Handling
* Grouping commands
* Practice: Checking & handling procedures

9th Chapter: Additional fundamental commands
* The W.C. commands
* Find commands
* Cut commands
* Sort commands
* Finger commands
* Practice: Usage of file-managing commands


* Personalizing .profile or .bash profile
* Personalizing .kshrc or .bashrc
* Practice: Set up surroundings


The syllabus of the topic shell scripting includes the topics as follows:

* Management & Study materials
* Program configuration and Schedule
* Delegate & instructor outlines

1st Chapter: HP Unix COMMAND evaluation
* Fundamental Unix commands
* Common commands
* File & directory treating commands
* File name generation font
* Input/Output Re-direction characteristics
* Other commands

2nd Chapter: Getting Started
* Definition of shell script?
* expansion pointers
* Create & edit shell script
* Name & store shell script
* Implementing shell script
* Practice: Writing an easy shell script

3rd Chapter: Usage of VARIABLES

* Environment variable
* Local variables
* Assign principles to variables
* Assess variable principles
* Usage of quote
* Delimitation of uneven name
* Echo handled sequence
* Practice: Addition of changeable to a script

* Utilizing expr order
* Utilizing (( )) notation
* Practice: Addition of integer arithmetic to a shell script

5th Chapter: Controlling RUN TIME DATA

* Read command
* Command line disagreement
* Practice: Write a common shell scripts
* Practice: Write a communicative shell script

6th Chapter: Situation Implementation
* If statement
* Test command
* Other test notation
* Default & substitute variables
* Exit status code
* Practice: Addition of validation to preceding script


* While loop
* Until loop
* For loop
* While true & until false loops
* Loop control command
* Practice: Enhancing the previously written script
* Practice: Writing a guess-the-number game

* The case statement
* Menu driven applications
* Practice: Developing and writing a menu system

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