An Unloved Story: Lost In Translation / Her

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Lost In Translation
Sofia Coppola
Spike Jonze

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An Unloved Story: Lost In Translation / Her by Louis Holderis a self-researched and written study into the elaborate connection between the two title films, how they explore the same feelings and are on the same wavelength in how they share the same ideas. One of the central themes of this study, which critics and film scholars too have identified, is that there is a greater meaning behind the filmmaking - that each film is a personal statement from their respective director to each other; in regards to love, marriage, confusion and loss.

Naturally, they had a huge impact on each other's lives - Spike Jonze (director of Her) and Sofia Coppola (director of Lost In Translation) were married from 1999 to 2003 and had been together for many years before that.

This short course goes great lengths to explore the real meaning behind the filmmaking through the films' central and shared idea of a sense of isolation, with thecharacters feeling 'stuck', emotionallyand in reality - in a place that is neither home or strange to them.