Video Enhanced On-Line International Human Rights Law: National, Regional and International Human Rights Practices, Conventions and Law

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  • Seminar
  • Advanced
  • Online
  • 360 hours of study
  • Duration:
    120 Days
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This course is designed for:
Human Rights Workers, Human Rights Officers, Humanitarian Workers, Humanitarian Officers, Armed Forces Officers, Armed Forces Commissioned Officers, Armed Forces Non-Commissioned Officers, Heads of Forces of Occupation, Humanitarian Lawyers, United Nations Officials, Embassy Officials, High Commission Officers, Officers of Statutory Human Rights Organisations, Officers of Non-Governmental Humanitarian Organisations, Human Rights Lawyers, International Relations Specialists, Legal Practitioners, Legal Professionals, Lawyers, Law Students, Human Rights Lecturers and Tutors, Humanitarian Lecturers and Tutors, Law Graduates, Diplomats, Ambassadors, Political Science Graduates, Political Science Professors, Any other personnel wishing to gain expertise in Human Rights and Humanitarian Issues, relevant to Peacetime and Conflict Zones

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Requirements: Degree or Relevant Work Experience


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What you'll learn on the course

IT Law
Human Rights
Human Rights Law
International Relations
Political Science
International law
Rights of the Accused
Fair Trial
Freedom of Expression
Social and cultural Rights

Course programme

Title of Modules:
  1. Human Rights and International Law
  2. The United Nations, Geneva and Hague Conventions and the International Criminal Court
  3. The International Bill of Rights and the Regional Protectionism of Human Rights 
  4. Group Rights 
  5. Issues Arising in the International Human Rights Law
  6. Selected Human Rights Universal Instrument
  7. Human Right Law General and World-wide Applicability, Human Right Violation Prevention and Limitations and Derogations 
  8. International Humanitarian Law, International Measures and Prohibitions 
  9. Protecting the Rights of the Accused
  10. Protection of Other Human Rights
  11. International Organisations 
  12. International Relations and Conflict Resolution

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