VLSI (very large scale integration)

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By mid eighties, the transistor count on a single chip had already exceeded 1000 and hence came the age of Very Large Scale Integration or VLSI. Though many improvements have been made and the transistor count is still rising, further names of generations like ULSI are generally avoided. It was during this time when TTL lost the battle to MOS family owing to the same problems that had pushed vacuum tubes into negligence, power dissipation and the limit it imposed on the number of gates that could be placed on a single die.

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200, Purvawali, 2nd Floor (Opp. Railway Ticket Agency) Railway Road, Ganeshpur, 247667, Uttaranchal, India
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Commercial Electronics
Digital signal processing
Voice and Data Communication networks

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Roorkee Cetpa
Roorkee Cetpa

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VLSI stands for “very large scale integration” determines integration levels. Apparatus of transistor was the driving factor of growth in the VLSI Technology. VLSI is a Technology by which 10000-1 Million Transistors can be assembles on a single chip.

VLSI has many advantages:
1. Curtail the size of Circuits.
2. Curtail the efficient cost of the devices.
3. Escalation the Operating breeze of circuits.
4. Crave less power than Discrete factor.
5. Bigger Reliability

In today's world VLSI chips are broadly used in various branches of Engineering like:
Voice and Data Communication networks
Digital Signal Processing
Commercial Electronics
Medicine and many more

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