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WWW, the world wide web or shortly the web - really nothing more than an information service on the Internet – has changed our world by creating a whole new digital world that is closely intertwined with our real world, making reality what was previously unimaginable: communication across the world in seconds, watching movies on a smartphone, playing games or looking at photos with remote partners in distant continents, shopping or banking from your couch … In our MOOC on web technologies you will learn how it all works.

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Web Programming

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  • Week 1:Introduction to the WWW Technology - The Web has become an indispensable part of our daily life. But what is its structure, and how does it work?
  • Week 2:URL and HTTP - How can information and services on the Web be identified, and how can they be obtained via the Internet?
  • Week 3:HTML, CSS and XML - How can web documents be created? How can they be designed in such a way that not only we people can use them, but that they can also be processed automatically?
  • Week 4:Client-side Web Programming - How can offers “come to life” on the Web? How can web applications be developed with HTML, JavaScript and libraries?
  • Excursion LED Matrix
  • Week 5:Server-side Web Programming - What kind of software is running on the server-side, and how can it be implemented with the help of web application frameworks, MVC, etc.?
  • Excursion Ruby :Very brief introduction to server side programming with Ruby
  • Week 6:Social, Semantic and Service Web - How can resources - computers, storage, software – be used efficiently on the Web?
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