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COURSE INTRODUCTIONSchedule our instructor led classroom training at your convenience and never miss another lecture or fall behind. You are in complete control. We invited the Best Microsoft Trainers in the industry to help us develop the ultimate training and certification program which includes everything you will need to fully prepare for and succeed in the industry of you choice.

This course will introduce the Windows 7 environment to students with little to no experience working with the Windows operating system. Students will be introduced to topics such as the start menu, the desktop, managing files, folders, and libraries, as well as options for customizing the Windows 7 environment.

COURSE OUTLINE Unit 01 - The Windows 7 Environment
Topic: The Windows 7 Desktop
Logging on
Windows 7 Desktop Components
Demo - Desktop Tour
The Mouse and Mouse Pointer
Demo - Mouse
Topic: The Taskbar and Start Menu
The Start Menu
Demo - Start Menu
Taskbar with Open Applications
Demo - Switching Applications
Topic: Window Management
Window Management
Moving and Resizing Windows
Demo - Sizing Windows
Windows Program Components
Control Menu and Buttons
Menu Bar
Ribbon vs. Toolbar
Dialog Boxes
Demo - Commands
The Save As Dialog Box
Demo - Save As
Topic: Windows Help and Support
Windows Help and Support
Windows Help and Support Toolbar
Demo - Help
Shutdown and Logoff Options
Unit 01 Review

Unit 02 - Files, Folders, and Libraries
Topic: Folders and Libraries
The Folder Hierarchy
Demo - Folder Hierarchy
Windows Explorer Components
A Library's Included Locations
Creating And Deleting Libraries
Demo - Library
Folder Naming Conventions
Renaming a Folder
Topic: Working with Files
Opening Files
File Extensions and Associates
Changing File Associates
Demo - File Association
Creating a Text File
The Save As Dialog Box
Printing Files
Demo - Printing
Moving Files and Folders
Copying Files and Folders
Deleting Files and Folders
Restoring Deleted Files
Demo - Move, Copy, Delete
Unit 02 Review

Unit 03 - Managing Content
Topic: Working with Windows Explorer
View Options
Choosing Folder Details
Sorting Files
Demo - Customizing Explorer
Topic: Searching for Content
Search Boxes
Indexed Locations
Folder Searching Options
Demo - Search
Unit 03 Review

Unit 04 - Customizing the Environment
Topic: Icons and Shortcuts
Taskbar Icons
A Jump List
Creating Shortcuts
Desktop Shortcuts
Arranging Desktop Icons
Customizing the Start Menu
Removing Start Menu Icons
Deleting a Shortcut
Adding a Folder to Favorites
Demo - Shortcuts
Demo - Custom Taskbar and Start Menu
Demo - Favorites
Topic: Gadgets
Some Desktop Gadgets
The Gadget Gallery
Gadget Settings
Demo - Gadgets
Topic: System Settings
The Control Panel
Setting Mouse Properties
Demo - Mouse Properties
Setting Keyboard Properties
Personalizing Windows
Changing the Background
Setting a Screen Saver
Demo - Desktop and Wallpaper
Sound Settings
Unit 04 Review

Unit 05 - Internet Explorer 8
Topic: Web Browsing
Internet Software
Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer 8
Demo - Internet Explorer
URLs and the Address Bar
The History List
Topic: Tabbed Browsing
Tabbed Browsing
Internet Options
Demo - Tabbed Browsing
Topic: Web Searching
Search Tips
Google Services
Demo - Search Engines
Topic: Customization
The Favorites List
Deleting Your Browsing History
Demo - Privacy
Adding an RSS Feed
Demo - RSS
Topic: Multimedia Content
Windows Media Player
Playing Video
Demo - Video
Unit 05 Review
Course Closure