Working in Multidisciplinary Teams

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Teamwork is a highly valued skill in modern workplaces. Working in a team isn't easy, but it can be learnt and improved continuously.

Teamwork skills are increasingly in demand.

The level of complexity and instability inside organisations is so high that even very competent professionals cannot handle it by themselves.

Organisations today need:

the integration of different skills and kinds of expertise into a wide spectrum of professionalism;
a broader and holistic problem-solving that derives from different points of view;
the contamination between different management styles, attitudes, cultures and values to effectively respond to the diversity and richness of the surrounding environment.
Multifunctionality best represents both the potential richness and the difficulties in team work.

Working together in a team isn't always easy, but it can be learnt and improved continuously.

This course, based on Bruce Tuckman's model of group/team development, will show you the different difficulties and challenges that groups/teams need to face during the different stages of their development in order to become a High-Performing Team.

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Team Building
Team Bonding
Team Development
Teamwork Skills

Course programme

  • This course edition benefits from ECO project’s results and offers participants more collaborative and interactive activities to share ideas, reflections and experiences.
  • The course is structured in 5 weeks, sub-divided into modules.
  • The modules have different lessons within them, consisting of texts, videos, quizzes and individual self-reflection exercises.
  • We advise you to follow the pathway in a linear manner, but you can freely move between content, if it is more useful for your learning style.
  • It is important that you respect your own pace: the length indications are a rough estimate, but your pace should guide you in the best way for the enjoyment and individual reflection on the topics covered in the proposed pathway.
  • There are also some additional resources, collected in additional material, so you reach a level of detail greater in some topics of your interest and/or tackle some specific tests that can give you some further indication on your attitude.
  • Two Peer-2-Peer assessment activities are proposed in the course with the objective to reflect on two case studies and share with others your point of view.
  • A final webinar will be held by our expert, Ingrid Hollweck, in order to discuss together about questions, reflections you may have to be share among other participant.

Further editions of this course will be activated each academic year.