The Science of Acting

1 Year Acting Course

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The Science of Acting
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Location London (England)
Class hours 45h
Duration 1 Year
Start 08/04/2019
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Would you like to become a successful actor? Emagister just added to its platform the perfect course!

Thanks to the 1 Year Acting course you will receive a thorough understanding of The Science of Acting. This year will be filled with classes opportunities normally included in the first year of the 3 Year Acting Course. You will learn the basics of The Science of Acting and all your work and performance will be followed by an incredible team of tutors.

In addition, during the fourth term of the programme, you will perform in a full length play (or two) directed by one of your senior tutors!

Build up your career in acting! Visit and ask for further information.

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Starts Location
08 Apr 2019
01 Jul 2019
637 Holloway Road, Dwell House, 1st Floor, London, England
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Starts 08 Apr 2019
01 Jul 2019
637 Holloway Road, Dwell House, 1st Floor, London, England
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David Bark-Jones
What I would highlight: The luckiest break I ever had was to be trained in the Science of Acting, the most expedient and honest route to helping new aspirants become the best actors they can be.
What could be improved:
Course taken: April 2016
Would you recommend this centre?: yes
Trevor C
What I would highlight: The 1st year acting exercise classes was really good! I was actually able to do a lot of progress in short time thanks to the expedient and relaxed class! Thank you Kogan Academy.
What could be improved:
Course taken: June 2017
Would you recommend this centre?: yes
What I would highlight: Thanks to this one-day workshop I finally understand the art of acting!
What could be improved:
Course taken: May 2018
Would you recommend this centre?: yes
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What you'll learn on the course

Art History
Theatre Studies
Theatre Directing
Art Direction
Communication Skills
Communication Training
Art Photography
Acting skills
Stage Movement
Acting Excercises

Course programme

Course Information

Students are given thorough training in Voice and Speech, Stage Movement, Dance and Singing. The course is also characterised by the many opportunities to perform: each academic year culminates with the production of a full-length play; students across the three years perform in student directed and devised acting exercises and etudes as well as in full-length plays. A methodical approach to reflection, as well as written and oral communication skills, is also taught in parallel to acting techniques and skills.

The purpose of The Science of Acting, the acting technique founded and developed at The Kogan Academy of Dramatic Arts, is to make the ways and means by which high-quality acting is achieved clearly defined, understandable and made into a workable knowledge system. Like the Kogan Academy, leading British acting schools set very high standards for the technical skills they teach (voice, movement, singing, and so on) but they are often neglectful of providing clear points of reference and thus a readily applicable acting technique that underpins the actor’s creative process. Since its opening, it has been the Academy’s aim to clarify and demystify the actor’s process and offer an objective perspective on both our trademark method, the Science of Acting, and other key acting techniques that are taught in conservatories and practised in the profession today.