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Sustainability Education Series - 6. WASTE MANAGEMENT

SREERAG. Kuruvat

About the course: Great course.
Course taken: March 2019
Would you recommend this course?: Yes
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Advantages of studying here

Today most companies understand the benefits of ‘going green’ - both for their bottom line, and the welfare of their employees and the environment. When a business wants to take steps to become more sustainable, where do they turn? Where can companies go to receive high-quality sustainability information that they can put into practice immediately? And the answer is www.1energyportal.net
Many organizations are looking for training resources on sustainability for both internal training and to offer to their customers, yet have not discovered a good, comprehensive source of web-based materials to satisfy this need. 1Energy fills this niche with professionalism and a transparent delivery for accountability with testing for core competencies.

1energy is now offering concise online sustainability training courses on a variety of different topics - with action steps to actually plan for sustainability, directives to manage waste and what can be recycled, providing accountability for corporations and government agencies. Each training topic is presented in a small group (2-6) of 15-minute modules, meaning it’s easy to fit green e-learning into even the busiest workday schedule.

These courses are self-paced and the user can leave and comeback to your course at anytime, on demand.

The Sustainability Education Series bears the approval of The U.S. Green Building Council/Green Building Certification Institute.

Therefore, 1energy Online courses in the Sustainability Education series can be used by LEED Professionals towards receiving Continuing Education credits. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is a system used to rate buildings, homes and neighborhoods on their ‘green’ construction, performance and maintenance. Topics include:
● Step By Step Actions For Sustainability Planning for Government and Business
● Social Responsibility from an Internal Perspective
● Transparency for Your Stakeholders
● Introduction to Green Building/Systems/Materials
● Green Certification and Standards Defined
● Green Supply Chain Management and Sustainable Purchasing Practices
● Water Resources and Conservation
● Environmental Accounting and Stakeholder Transparency
1energy’s courses can be purchased as an entire 50 course series or individually to serve corporate and government customers with a balanced focus.

Areas of specialisation

The Sustainability Education Series is comprised of a suite of 50 online, training modules. Each of the eleven training topics is delivered in 15-minute modules and has gained USGBC/GBSI approval.
Each training module provides information and directions for facilitating and developing key sustainability initiatives. These training modules deliver practical, hands-on application for each topic.
This training series is for any company or government who is establishing an effort for awareness and who desires to educate employees with a high-quality curriculum. We offer training on topics covering sustainability strategies and programs, innovation, and best practices and is designed for:

 Managers and Supervisors who will be involved in the implementation process of an organizations’ quest for becoming more energy efficient and in planning sustainability and energy saving programs.
 All employees who need to be provided with information supporting their employers’ sustainability initiatives.

Engage Employees in your Sustainability Efforts with Training Courses from 1Energy Promote sustainability! Go green!


www.1energyportal.net is a networking portal and information hub for the professionals working in the field of Renewable Energy, Energy Conservation, and Sustainability. Some of the features of 1Energy portal are as:
1. Green Articles
2. Green News
3. Green Jobs
4. Green Events
5. Green Market Place
6. Discussion Board
7. Message Board
8. On-Line Sustainability Courses
With 1Energy Green companies can advertise their products and services to the global audience. Professionals can connect with other experts from the industry, update their knowledge. Students can upgrade their knowledge, learn about the Renewable sector companies and industries.

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