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Location Hyderabad
Class hours 45h
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516,Annapurna Block, AdityaEnclave, Ameerpet, Hyderabad-500026, 500026, Andhra Pradesh, India
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Starts On request
516,Annapurna Block, AdityaEnclave, Ameerpet, Hyderabad-500026, 500026, Andhra Pradesh, India
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Course programme

Session 1Why ERP?Why SAP?Functional & Technical Modules in SAPRole of Functional & Technical Consultants using ASAP MethodologiesSpecs: Functional & TechnicalTypes of Projects in SAP: Implementation/Up-gradation/SupportSession 2Introduction to ABAP/4Overview: Reports/BDC/Dialog Programming/Scripts/EnhancementsHistory of SAP AGIntroduction to SAP R/2, R/3 EnvironmentSAP R/3 versions till ECC 6.0.SAP R/3 Architecture: Presentation/Application/Database LayersUnderstanding the functionality of Work processesSession 3:Introduction to IDESLogon to SAPIntroduction to SAP Easy Access screenIntroduction to Transaction Codes (Tcodes)List of Frequently used Tcodes in ABAPLogoff from SAPSession 4:Introduction to ABAP EditorUnderstanding SAP Naming conventionsIntroduction to WRITE statementIntroduction to Line CommentingIntroduction to ABAP DEVELOPMENT WORKBENCH(SE80)Creating a Package/Development ClassSession 5Introduction to DATA ObjectsData Types: Elementary/ComplexUnderstanding Elementary Data TypesCreating Complex Data TypesArithmetic OperationsLogical OperatorsRelational OperatorsSession 6Introduction to PARAMETERS KeywordBranching Statements:IF…ENDIF.CASE…ENDCASE.Session 7Introduction to System Fields: sy-*Looping Statements:Do…ENDDO.WHILE…ENDWHILE.SELECT…ENDSELECT.LOOP…ENDLOOP.Loop Terminators: Exit/Continue/CheckSession 8Introduction to ABAP DICTIONARY(SE11)Introduction to Database TablesDifferences between Transparent/Cluster/Pool TablesData Element/Domain ConceptTop Down/Bottom up ApproachSession 9Creating a Transparent TableWorking with Transparent Tables:Inserting RecordsDisplaying RecordsModifying RecordsDeleting RecordsSession 10Understanding Foreign Key ConceptCreating Foreign Key Relation between two TablesVALUE Table Concept/ CHECK Table ConceptF1 Help/F4 Help ConceptSession 11Introduction to Open SQLWork area: Implicit/DefaultWorking with SELECT…ENDSELECT with different combinationsWorking with SELECT SINGLE *List of frequently used Standard Tables of Material/Vendor/Purchasing/Customer/Sales/Delivery/AccountingSession 12Why Internal Tables?Types of Internal Tables: Standard/Sorted/HashedBody/Header Line ConceptOccurs 0 ConceptCreating/Populating/Processing Internal TablesSession 13Internal Tables Cont…Creating Internal Tables in different waysPopulating Internal Tables:Using SELECTUsing APPENDUsing INSERTUsing CollectProcessing Internal Tables: Using Loop…End loop.Using Read StatementSession 14Internal Tables Cont…Describe Table ConceptClear/Refresh/Free ConceptControl Break StatementsSession 15Internal Tables Cont…SELECT-OPTIONS KeywordSelection-Text/Text-Element ConceptUsing INNER JOINUsing FOR ALL ENTRIESWorking with Checkboxes & Radio buttonsPretty PrinterSession 16Introduction to Message Maintenance(SE91)Creating a Message ClassTypes of Messages: I/S/W/E/A/XCreating Static/Dynamic Messages & Calling MessagesSession 17Modularization Techniques:Working with MacrosWorking with IncludesSub-Routines: Creating SubroutinesPass by Value/Pass by Reference ConceptPassing an Internal Table to a SubroutineSession 18Modularization Techniques:Introduction to Function Modules(SE37)Creating a Function GroupCreating a Function ModuleCalling a Function Module from ABAP EditorPassing Internal Table to a Function ModuleSession 19ABAP DICTIONARY(SE11) Cont…Reviewing Data Element & Domain In depthQUAN/CURR Fields ConceptsBuffering TechniquesCreating a Table Maintenance GeneratorSession 20ABAP DICTIONARY(SE11) Cont…Creating STRUCTURESAPPEND/INCLUDE StructureVIEWS: Different Types of ViewsCreating DATABASE VIEWSSession 21ABAP DICTIONARY(SE11) Cont…Creating SEARCH HELPCreating LOCK OBJECTSession 22Reports: SELECTION-SCREEN/LPSTypes of Reports: Classical/Interactive/ALVEvents in Classical ReportsCreating Selection-ScreensCreating & Calling VariantsSession 23Creating a Classical Report using different Events Introduction to TransactionMaintenance(SE93)Creating a Report TransactionSession 24SAP Transport Organizer:Creating RequestsReleasing RequestsTransporting RequestsABAP Trouble Shooting:Debugging TechniquesRuntime AnalysisSQL TraceExtended Program CheckSession 25Introduction to Interactive ReportsEvents in Interactive ReportsIntroduction to Menu Painter(SE41)Creating Interactive ReportsABAP Memory vs SAP Memory Session 26Introduction to ALV’sFunction Modules used in ALV’sCreating ALV ReportsSession 27Introduction to Dialog Programming(Transaction)Understanding Screen Layout & Flow logicEvents in Dialog Programming: PBO/PAIIntroduction to Screen Painter(SE51)Creating a complete Dialog Program with a TCodeScreen Validations in Dialog ProgrammingSession 28Creating a Table ControlSession 29Creating a Tab Strip ControlSession 30STRING OperationsFile Handling Techniques using DatasetsSession 31Upload/Download Function ModulesSession 32Why BDC(Batch Data Communication)?Types in BDC’sDifference between CALL TRANSACTION & SESSIONS MethodWorking with SHDB Recording MethodSession 33Creating a BDC using CALL TRANSACTION MethodError handling in CALL TRANSACTONCreating a BDC using SESSIONS MethodProcessing Session: Foreground/BackgroundSession 34Creating BDC using LSMW TransactionSession 35Introduction to SAP SCRIPT(SE71)Understanding different components of SAP ScriptDefining Form LayoutUploading LOGOStandard Text(SO10) in ScriptSession 36Passing Internal Table to ScriptCreating a Print ProgramSAP Script Control CommandsModifying Standard Layout Session 37:Advanced ABAPIntroduction to SMARTFORMSMigrating from SAP ScriptDesigning FORMSDesigning SYTLESSMARTFORM with Table ExampleSession 38Advanced ABAP Cont…Modifications/EnhancementsConcept of User ExitsDifferent Enhancements TechniquesWorking with SMOD/CMODSession 39Advanced ABAP Cont…OO ABAPIntroduction to Classes & MethodsCreating ALV Reports using ClassesIntroduction to BADI’sSession 40Advanced ABAP Cont…Miscellaneous TopicsABAP QueriesLogical DatabasesField SymbolsSession 41Cross ApplicationsNeed for Cross ApplicationsIntroduction to RFCCreating RFC DestinationWorking with RFC Function ModulesSession 42Cross Applications Cont…Introduction to IDocCreating IDocCreating Segments/Message typesSession 43Cross Applications Cont…Introduction to ALE(SALE)Configuring ALEModel Views/Partner ProfileDistributing Master Data using Standard IDocsMonitoring IDoc CommunicationSession 44Cross Applications Cont…Introduction to BAPIWorking with BAPI InterfacesSession 45Functional OverviewSD OverviewMM OverviewFI OverviewHR Overview