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Saisadhan,1st floor,100 feet ring road,15th cross,J.P nagar 6th phase, Near Sarakki gate, Next to Vo, 560078, Karnataka, India
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Starts On request
Saisadhan,1st floor,100 feet ring road,15th cross,J.P nagar 6th phase, Near Sarakki gate, Next to Vo, 560078, Karnataka, India
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Course programme

IT Training - Abinitio proffered by Teknowledge lays emphasis on providing proficient skills in addition to acquaintance associated with Ab-Inition.In this training module participant effort in the course of a number of teacher led hands on exercises. Candidates also complete a set of assimilation exercises in which commerce oriented world problems are retorted by building Ab Initio diagrams. After working with AbInitio in a maturity milieu, users may desire to get more in depth training in a number of areas. This training is intended to transport commands in a multiplicity of sophisticated topics too. We can work with you to mold this course to congregate your needs.

Module-1:Introduction to Abinitio. Operating Systems as well as Hardware Platforms that it supports

Module-2:Products of Abinitio Software Corporation

* The Abinitio Cooperating classification
* Graphical Development Environment (G.D.E)
* The Abinitio Enterprise Meta-Environment (E.M.E)

Module-3: Most important Features of Abinitio

Module-4: Having proficient technical expertise of the High-Level structural design of Abinitio
What is the composition of Running a Job? What happens when we push the 'Run' Button?

" ABT - Deployment Process
" ABT - Host Process Creation
" ABT - Agent Process Creation
" ABT - Artificial Neural Network based methods
" ABT - Simulated Annealing
" ABT - Query formation and data extraction
" ABT - Component Process Creation
" ABT - Statistical Modeling- Designing of Experiments and other methods
" ABT - Successful Component Termination
" ABT - Agent Termination
" ABT - Host Termination
" ABT - Abnormal Component Termination
" ABT - Partial derivatives
" ABT - File handling, strings manipulations, regular expressions

How do we Connect from GDE to the Server (Run ? Settings)

" Host Profile File (.aih)
" Connection, Co-Operating System, Shell & Host Directory

What is Graph Programming? What are the basic parts of an Abinitio Graph?
Broad Classification of Components

" Dataset Components
" Response surface optimization
" Program / Computing Components

Data Manipulation Language (DML)

" Record Format
" DML Expression
" Transform Function
" Key Specifier

How do we build a basic Abinitio Graph? Using .dat(Data File) & .dml(Record Format File)

Dataset Components

" Input-File
" Output-File
" Intermediate-File
" Lookup-file

Editors in the GDE

" Record Format Editor
" Expression-Editor
" Transform-Editor
" Key Specifier-Editor
" Package-Editor
" Variables-Editor
" Sequence Specifier-Editor

Transform Functions

" Transform File(.xfr)
" Functions, Variables, Statements as well as Rules
" Arrays, Pointers, Memory allocation, File handling

Transform Components - Multistage and Advanced Components

" TC- Filter by means of Expression
" TC- Dedup Sorted
" TC- Reformat
" TC- Aggregate
" TC- Scan
" TC- Rollup
" TC- Join
" TC- Match Sorted
" TC- Normalize
" TC- Denormalize Sorted

Lookup Datasets as well as DML Lookup Functions
Partition Components

" LKD - Broadcast
" LKD - Partition through Keys
" LKD - Partition through Expressions
" LKD - Partition through Percentages
" LKD - Partition throughRanges
" LKD - Partition throughRound-Robin
" LKD - Partition in the company of Load-Balancing

Multifiles and Multidirectories
De-partition Components

" Concatenatation
" Gather
" Interleaves
" Merge

What is Parallelism - Type

" Component ||sm
" Pipeline ||sm
" Data ||sm

Repartitioning - When & Why
Layout Implications

" Sorts
" Sort within Groups* Samples
" Partition by Key as well as Sorts
" Check point Sorted

Working in the company of Databases. Prologue Database Configuration File (.dbc)
Interactive Database Components (I.D.B)

" Input Tables
" Output Tables
" Run SQL
" Truncate Tables
" Update Tables
" Join with DB

Miscellaneous Component

" Redefine Format
" Gather Log
" Replicate
" Run Programs
" Thrash

Deprecated Component

" Find Splitter

Compress Component

" Compres
" Uncompres
" G-Zip
" Gun zip

File Transfer Protocol (F.T.P) Component

" F.T.P From
" F.T.P To

Testing and Validation of Abinitio Graphs using Validate Component

" Check Order
" Compare Record
" Validate Record
" Generate Record
" Generate-Random Byte
" Compute-Check sum
" Compare -heck sum

Phasing as well as Check pointing
Re-usability Features

" Sub graphical representations
" Graph Parameter

The Abinitio Enterprise Meta.Environment (E.M.E)

" High-level anatomy of the E.M.E
" Relation to sandbox milieu
" Checking in your sandbo
" Checking out a graph or a sand box
" Locking in order to alter the framework as well as structural representation of an object
" Tagging
" Common projects
" Dependency and Impact assessment

Performance Tuning Abinitio Graphical representations

" What is superior presentation?
" Going Parallel
" Serial Input
" Phase
" Record Format as well as Component
" Memory Usage
" Various Tip

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