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The Academy of Applied Arts is a premier institute dedicated to the research, training and propagation of Visual Merchandising and Retail Design in India. We endeavor to impart specialized knowledge in this vital yet little understood field. With over a decade of providing Visual Merchandising solutions to companies and brands across the globe we now bring our expertise to India.

Both Visual Merchandising and Retail Design as subjects are gaining importance as marketers in India scale up to international standards of retailing .However, information about VM is inadequate and talent is scarce . This creates a growing void between the demand and supply of a well trained and skilled workforce. A workforce that is much needed by retailers in India.

There are some institutes that partly address this need of India’s retail industry by churning out interior/fashion designers, who double up as visual merchandisers/retail designers. However, there are no singularly focused courses/programs that address the ever growing need for VM in India.

Academy of Applied Arts