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Italian Language PLUS (12-month program)

Katya Komarova

What I would highlight: My best ever study experience!
What could be improved: .
Course taken: October 2017
Would you recommend this course?: Yes

graphics design one-year course

Yusuf Medugu

What I would highlight: The unique and the best institution in the world
What could be improved: .
Course taken: January 2017
Would you recommend this course?: Yes

Restoration of Paintings One-Year course

Gidisi Colllins

What I would highlight: I think Accademia Riaci is a cool school, nice. Their culture, teachers, facilities... They are just awesome!
What could be improved: .
Course taken: November 2016
Would you recommend this course?: Yes

Painting and Drawing Master Course

Hugo Alejandro Cardona

What I would highlight: The overall experience was excellent, the instructors were amazing and the school material was great
What could be improved: .
Course taken: October 2016
Would you recommend this course?: Yes

ceramics - master course

Stephanie Ducasse

What I would highlight: A different way of experiencing Art as protagonists, in a unique environment that breathes History and Beauty at every step... Unforgettable.
What could be improved: .
Course taken: May 2016
Would you recommend this course?: Yes
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Accademia Riaci is an Academy of Art and Design in the heart of Florence, Italy - Europe's eternal capital of the Renaissance - founded in 1983 by our Honorary President and Italy's leading jewelry artisan & sculptor, Maestro Raymond Riachi.Upon founding Maestro Raymond Riachi had a strong vision to create a school that not only taught his techniques, but enlightened young artists with the lively spirit and atmosphere of the Renaissance, in order to fulfill his life long mission as a Maestro. This was how Accademia Riaci was founded: a treasure box of traditional art and its irreplaceable techniques.Starting as a small art studio, today the same passionate mission has lit up a spectacular team of teachers representing the best Italian artists in Florence, retaining the founder and Honorary President's vision of tradition and spirit, expressed in the quote.

Advantages of studying here

1. The Ultimate goal of education at Accademia Riaci focuses not only on the teaching of traditional techniques and styles, but aims to guide every student to develop their own artistic sensitivity. 2. 

The academy's faculty are top runner artists of each field, committed to inspiring next generation artists with unique tradition and artistic knowledge. 

3. Contrary to the recent trends of mass production, the academy believes in high quality rather than quantity. Students will be nurtured to develop their imagination, and fantasies - the most valued elements of an artist. Professors encourage each student to inspire and develop each student's originality.

 4. SMALL CLASS. The number of students per professor is limited to approximately 6 students in order to guarantee effectivity in achieving speedy, accurate and high quality learning. 5. 

Tailored Instruction. 
Just like how Leonardo Da Vinci taught his assistants, lessons are conducted in close relationship with each student.

Areas of specialisation

Jewelry Design, Jewelry Making, Graphic, Painting, Sketch, Restoration of Paintings, Glass Art, Shoe Design, Shoe Making, Shoe Design, Bag Design, Bad Making, Interior Design, Textile Design, Ceramics, Sculpture, Paper ARt, Florence Mosaic, Culinary Arts for Amateur, Culinary Arts for Professional, italian Language, Professional Interpretation, Internship, Preparation Course for Accademia di Belle Arti.

Accademia Riaci - Florence (Italy)