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Important information

Typology Course
Location Chennai
Class hours 220h
  • Course
  • Chennai
  • 220h


Where and when

Starts Location
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Chateau D' Ampa Ground Floor, 37, Nelson Manickam Road, 600029, Tamil Nadu, India
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Starts On request
Chateau D' Ampa Ground Floor, 37, Nelson Manickam Road, 600029, Tamil Nadu, India
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Course programme

The rising world has challenging the career in hardware in addition to networking professionals throughout the country, as now a days people are accessible to computer.
There are sufficient job opportunities in hardware in addition to networking sector for hardware professionals. The industries that offer job in hardware in addition to networking are hardware manufacturing companies, system design companies, software companies, call centers, telecom companies, BPO companies in addition to hardware repair shops.

The classes' content is:
I. Rudiments Electrical & Power Conditioning
·Rudiments electrical energy
·AC & DC
·UPS in addition to Load computation
·Usage of Tools in addition to Measuring Devices
·Site Preparation
II. PC Hardware
·Micro Computer Concepts
·Working with Operating System DOS, Windows 98, XP & SCO Unix
·PC System structural design
oMother Board input Devices
oStorage Devices
oOutput Devices-(Monitor, Printer)
oPeripherals-(Modem, Scanner)
oPower Supplies-(SMPS)
·Computer Assembling
·Computer protection
·Troubleshooting Techniques
·Introduction to Multimedia & Internet
·Office Automation
·Customer Service Performingment
III. Networking
·Network Essentials
·OSI Model, TCP/IP Protocols
·Internet Browsers in addition to mail clients
·Rudiments of wireless networking
IV. Configuring, Configuring, in addition to Administering Microsoft Windows XP Professional
·Configuring Windows XP Professional
·Upgrade from a previous version of Windows to Windows XP Professional
·Perform post-installation updates in addition to product activation.
·Rudiments of wireless networking
·Performing in addition to troubleshoot access to shared folders
·Connect to local in addition to network print devices
·Configure in addition to Performing file systems.
·Performing in addition to troubleshoot access to in addition to synchronization of offline files.
·Implement, Performing, in addition to troubleshoot display devices.
·Monitor, configure, in addition to troubleshoot multimedia hardware, such as cameras.
·Performing in addition to troubleshoot drivers in addition to driver signing.
·Performing, monitor, in addition to optimize system performance for mobile users.
·Recover System State data in addition to user data by using Windows Backup.
·Configuring in addition to Troubleshooting the Desktop Environment
·Performing applications by using Windows Installer packages.
·Connect to resources by using Internet Explorer.
V. Managing in addition to Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Environment
·Managing in addition to Maintaining Physical in addition to Logical Devices
·Optimize server disk performance
·Troubleshoot windows server 2003 hardware devices
·Install in addition to configure windows server 2003 hardware devices
·Managing Users, Computers, in addition to Groups
·Create in addition to Performing user accounts
·Troubleshoot user accounts
·Troubleshoot user authentication issues
·Troubleshoot access to files in addition to shared folders
·Monitor system performance, Tools include Task Performingr, Event Viewer, in addition to System
·Monitor in addition to optimize a windows server 2003 environment for application performance
·Performing a Web server
·Managing in addition to Implementing Disaster Recovery in windows 2003
·Performing backup procedures

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