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Tirupati (Andhra Pradesh)
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Course programme

Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeeth conducts distance education courses for Acharya. Rules to select the subject are as given under:

1. Those who want to join the Acharya course may select any one of severalSastras

2. Generally the main subject opted in Sastri/B.A.(O.L) course can be taken at

Acharya level.

3. If any candidate wants to opt a subject other than the main subject opted in Sastri

B.A.level, he has to produce a certificate of evidence from a traditional scholar that

he has studied the subject under him privately. A candidate can be admitted in any

branch without such a certificate also if the admission committee is satisfied with his

performance in the interview and recommends for admission.

4. Those who have passed B.A. or equivalent examination of any university with

Sanskrit for 200 marks are allowed to opt Sahitya only at Acharya level.

5. Those who have passed B.A. or equivalent examination of any university with

Sanskrit as a subject and Darsana as main subject can opt advait/ Visistadvaita/

Dvaita Vedanta at Acharya leve.

6. Those who have passed Vedalankara or Vidyalankara are eligible to opt for

sahitya only.

7. those who have passed B.A. or B.Sc with Astronomy as main subject and

Sanskrit are eligible to opt for Siddhanta Jyotisha only.

8. Those who have passed Acharya/M.A. with one subject can opt for any subject in

the Acharya course, subject to the approval of the admission committee and


9. The Admission Committee is empowered to accept or reject the option of any subject at the time of interview. The decision of the Vice-Chancellor on the

assignment of subject to the candidates on the recommendation of the admission

committee shall be final


Price on request