AD The Design School

AD The Design School


AD The Design School has been set up under the umbrella of the AD Education Foundation, founded in year 2005. The design school has been initiated with the purpose of imparting professional level training to students aiming to pursue design and art related courses.
A core team of industry professionals and educationists ensures excellence in education and industry training. The Design School offers a multitude of design and art related courses, all of which have been formulated to suit industry requirements.
The Design School believes in training the students by applying the methodology of learning by doing. Utmost importance is given to the practical approach to education, as we believe that professional courses can only convert a student into a thorough professional if he/she understands the methodology from the idea to the end product, as well as various processes involved.
We also believe in ensuring industry readiness and providing the right kind of placement opportunities to our students to facilitate their professional and creative development.
AD The Design School has collaborated with the industry with the objective of facilitating the creation of a network of employers who shall have ready access to industry-ready professionals.
The content for the courses is crafted keeping in mind industry requirements and has been reviewed by expert committees comprising industry professionals and education experts. The practical aspect of training is not constrained merely to studio based learning, and students are assigned live projects during the training period. This is made possible by the industry network which is also involved in the placement process at the completion of the program.
The major disciplines of training are Design and Fine art, with prearranged super specializations:
Design: interior design, product design, furniture design
Fine art: painting, sculpture, visual communication
Students are provided training in all possible mediums to ensure that the representation of ideas and concepts in any form is possible. The method of teaching emphasizes on the creativity and originality of the students, and traditional methods are not conformed to, in order to facilitate the creative development of the student.

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Teachers and trainers (3)

Banamali Borah
Banamali Borah
Faculty of Fine Art

Dr. Krutika Sant
Dr. Krutika Sant
Faculty of Interior Design

Mr. Digant Sharma
Mr. Digant Sharma
Academic Dean