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No excuses for not following your music dream. Learn electronic music production in the comfort of your own space and express your musical self.

We at Home Productions understand that learning is most penetrative when one learns in a comfortable environment. So we have an electronic music production course where our instructor will come to you and teach you EMP on your machine. All you require is a computer and residence in Delhi…no knowledge of music theory or any instrument is required for you to avail the benefits of this course.

We will teach you how to make anything from House to Techno..from Dub step to Psy trance, whatever it is that you want to produce.

The DAW of choice will be Ableton. We will teach you how to Download and install Ableton as well as a variety of third party plugins that will make your workflow faster and enjoyable.

But wait here is the best part … Our course is priced at an amazingly affordable Rs. 35000. This is a fraction of what other institutes are offering.