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203, Prema Building, Rua de Ourem, Goa, India
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Starts On request
203, Prema Building, Rua de Ourem, Goa, India
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Prepare for a highly paid career Executive.

Who is an administrative assistant?

As technology has advanced, the duties of the secretary, often maligned, have changed. Now a days advanced business office, administrative assistant are middle managers. Other titles identifying jobs like most Administrative Assistant are: Administrative Supervisor, Office Coordinator, Personnel Manager, Executive Assistant, Office Manager and Administrative Professionals. As mentioned previously - the administrative assistant has a middle segment position in the organization, so “administrative assistant” is much closer to the actual duties of one of these employees, depending on the size of the organization and level of responsibility or authority in a hierarchy that will work for him.

An administrative assistant is a very important part of the any management and have responsibility for more than a secretarial assistant. Such as, he or she may do less administrative work than do secretaries. The work of an administrative assistant does not absolutely mean working directly for an administrator or a chief. The duties of a secretary job tends to be biased towards activities controlled and directed by a superior.

Administrative Assistant occupation is conventional and entrepreneurial features as identified below:

CONVENTIONAL - Conventional duties often the following processes and functions. These lines of work can include working with documents and particulars more than with thoughts. In general, there is a open line of authority to follow. (A regular general secretary, may fall into this classification.)

ENTREPRENEURS - Entrepreneur responsibilities often the implementation and execution of projects. The administrative assistant occupation can involve leading people and taking many decisions and plans. Most of the times they require risk-taking deal, often with trade issues and decisions.

An administrative assistant performs, supervises, directs or advises on work for a variety of important organization activities. Present day Administrative assistant has be a key member of the support staff of each organization - a key business ally with diverse responsibilities, to make important conclusions. An administrative assistant may also be responsible for hiring and training new office staff, and maintaining a schedule for others in the office. Administrative assistants may also be asked to learn to handle industry specific tasks for employers such as law firms, medical offices, or banking.

STENODAC's Administrative Assistants program is mainly meant to assist you thrive in this fast-paced career. This cutting-edge resource gives all of the latest details you want to manage and cope effectively with sudden changes in organization and office politics, stress management, conflict resolution, motivating employees and building a team mentality, master public relations and more.

In this training program the conference organization and scheduling of meetings, the administrative assistant can manage more complex duties like supervision and training of employees, hiring and supervising other administrative staff, conducting research and making statistical reports. An administrative assistant has a greater role in decision-making strategies and lower level of the organization and has supervisory powers over the general office staff.

Employers as well search for good client satisfaction and interpersonal skills, because administrative assistant should be tactful in their dealings with people. Administrative and office assistants may also be the most recognizable face of a business to the outside world, which means that the administrative assistant's professionalism and ability to do a good job are vital to the business or organization as a whole. Delicacy, well sense, the organizational or management skill, initiative and skill to work independently are mainly significant for junior management level positions.

Tally at our office for program objects.
The module further recommends low-cost computer training includes understanding of Computer, Windows, MS Office training, comprehensive management-related office equipment.

Curriculum changes from time to time, so we are always in touch with the times. As candidate are aware of our three main courses of the Office concerning: (1) SECRETARY OF CURRENT BUSINESS (2), administrative assistant and (3) OFFICE OF MANAGEMENT, convergence of modern technology has been introduced quickly. Century 21 New technology and techniques being introduced throughout the world is immediately incorporated into our courses.

A outstanding characteristic of these programs is that participates almost instantly get the placement, the end of the program. The broad-based training to our candidates qualify for specialist jobs in business, corporate, World Economic and Trade.

A career as an administrative assistant can be a lucrative and rewarding one, and generally offers many perks such as health benefits and relatively steady hours.

After complete your academic education you can take this training program or you can do in parallel (part time), if you are currently studying

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