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Course programme

This Advanced Excel Training program concentrates on the fundamental to advance excel training and also provides the participant to know the application to excel in its knowledge base filed.

This Advanced Excel training program offers three levels of Basic excel, Intermediate excel and Advanced excel


Introduction: The center's hands-on Basic Excel training instructs you not just fundamental of MS-Excel, but also the application of it to your workaday troubles. We judge participants understanding level, their troubles and set our training to your demands.

Topics Covered
In this First Level Basic Excel Training candidates will learn about:

1. Excel - Overview
* A screen view, navigation and the basics of spreadsheet
* Understand about the workbook, worksheet, row, column and cell
* Several types of choose tricks

2. Data Entry
* Learn how to enter data, edit and delete matter, number and date
* Use Auto Lists
* Move and copy data
* Learn how to Insert, delete and hide rows and columns
* Learn how to Insert, delete, move and copy sheets
* Use navigation skills

3. Create and edit formulas
* Concept Formula
* Learn how to create formula, Edit formula
* BODMAS: Order Math
* Copy Formula
* Apply functions: Sum, Average, Max, Min, Count, COUNT
* The implementation of all (fixed) Referencing
Format and correction
* Understand how to Format cell with number format, font format, alignment, border, etc.
* Learn about basics of conditional formates
* Copy and formats Compensation
* Working with Styles
* Learn how to use Check spelling and AutoCorrect Find and Replace


Introduction: This intermediate Excel training concentrates on the design of the formula useful for data processing, applying Excel's built-in characteristic such as file validation, VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, Sumif, Countif, ranks, match, index and so on. This intermediate training also guide you on display data applying conditional formatting, Excel graphs and many more. The program instructs you how to create the analysis and data processing errors in the worksheet and learn how to define the right tool of Excel to design a unique solution.

Topics Covered
In this Second Level intermediate Excel training candidates will learn about:

1. Range name

* Meaning & Purpose
* Individual names/range of cells
* Elimination of the named range and amending
* Applying named cell and range in formulas

2. Function and conditional formatting and calculation Date

* Benefit and purpose
* Learn how to apply If the statement and nested If
* And, Or Not,
* Blending If, And, Or, Not
* Understand Sumif and Countif
* Learn about Conditional Format
* Learn how to apply date and time
* Understand about different types of time and date format
* Learn how to store dates
* The calculation of working days
* Use of DIA (), MONTH (), year () functions

3. Auditing Formulas

* Understand Formula Audit Tool
* Understand how to develop Formulas
* Track record Dependent
* Go to Special

4. Spreadsheet Management and Links

* Sheet Links in the same file
* Learn how to Links different Excel files
* Use the Edit, Links
* Display of different files at once
* Save a workspace
* Viewing different sheet at a time
* Know about Window Split
* Know about Data Consolidation

5. Basic Management List

* Understand Data Classification
* Understand Adding Subtotals
* Learn about AutoFilter
* Understand Freeze Panes
* Group & Outline
* Understand about Data Form

6. Excel Graphs / Chart

* Use the Chart Wizard
* Edit and format chart
* Save Custom Chart Types
* The establishment of a default chart type


Our hands-on Excel Advanced training concentrates on the creation of sophisticated Excel solutions applying advance formula, dashboard, pivot tables, dynamic graphics, goal seek. The program also instructs you how to create these solutions in the spreadsheet and to meet the right tools of Excel in ways you never thought possible.

Topics Covered
In this Third Level Advanced Excel training candidates will learn about:

1. Search and Information Function

* Search vertical - VLOOKUP
* Find horizontal - VLOOKUP
* Match & Index
* Learn about IsTEXT, IsValue, IsDate, IsNull, IsErr, IsError,IsNa

2. High tech List Management

* Learn how to use advanced Filter
* Use list functions
* Know about the dynamic Chart

3. Introduction to Pivot Tables

* Learn how to use PivotTable Wizard
* Change the layout of PivotTable
* Format
* Grouping elements
* Adding calculated areas
* PivotTable Options
* Show and hide data in fields
* Position report direct into the spreadsheet
* Dynamic Graphic

4. Understand about if analysis

* Scenarios
* Goal Seek
* Solver

5. The protection and file sharing

* Share a File
* Learn how to track change
* Accept or Reject Changes
* Applying the rules of validation data
* Learn how to insert comment

6. Introduction to macro

* The function of the macro
* Learn how to record macro
* Learn where to save macro
* Learn how to run macro
* Custom button, menus, keyboard shortcut

Program Outline:
In this training program you will acquire the latest knowledge of Excel demanded to become an Excel expert

Program Advantages

* Complete coverage of the program
* Well educated instructors
* 1 month of access to our 650 + video classes in Excel
* Certified Microsoft - Optional
* Excel Ideas, Tricks & Methodologies
* 1 Month of online training service - E-mail

The interested candidates can join this training program in three ways: online, classroom, and corporate

PC Requirements:

* Include with Windows Operating System
* Include with Internet Speed of 512 kbps or higher
* Include with Internet Explorer
* Include with Headsets and Mic
* Include with JavaScript Enabled

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