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Important information

Typology Training
Location Hyderabad
Class hours 80h
  • Training
  • Hyderabad
  • 80h

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404/2A, Surekha Chamber, 500016, Andhra Pradesh, India
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Starts On request
404/2A, Surekha Chamber, 500016, Andhra Pradesh, India
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Course programme

Course Name:Advance Training in Mobile Application Development on iphone/ipad Course Code:PBS_APP_002 Course Duration:60 Days Course Fees:Contact Us

Deployment options:

Instructor-led Regular Classroom Training, Instructor-led Regular Online Training.

Customized it:

We can customize the course contents and course duration according to your Requirement. We can help you to identifying those needs and specifications.


Previous programming experience in Objective-C and Cocoa Touch programming is strongly recommended.

Course Descriptions:

SDK and IDE Basics

  • Obtaining and installing SDK
  • How to create a project
  • Familiarizing with IDE
  • Understanding generated code

Creating interfaces

  • Interface builder
  • Using the debugger
  • More information

Hello iphone

  • Create the Hello iphone project
  • Creating a simple interface
  • Rotating the Text: Adjusting the UI
  • Rotating the Text: Adjusting the code
  • Code Navigation
  • Running your Application on iphone

iphone Development fundamentals

  • The iphone Software Architecture
  • Essential cocoa touch classes
  • Working with Xcode and interface builder
  • Anatomy of your iphone application
  • Customizing behaviour
  • Managing Application Memory
  • Accessing Variables as properties

The View

  • View Geometry
  • Useful geometric type definitions
  • The UIScreen class
  • The frame and center properties
  • The bounds property
  • The View Hierarchy
  • The Multitouch Interface
  • The UITouch class
  • The UIEvent class
  • The UIResponder class
  • Handling a swipe
  • More advanced gesture recognition
  • Animation
  • Using the UIView class animation support
  • Sliding view
  • Flip animation
  • Transition animation
  • Drawing


  • The foundation of all controls
  • UIControlAttributes
  • Target-action Mechanism
  • The Text Field
  • Interacting with the keyboard
  • The delegates
  • Creating and working withUITextField
  • Sliders
  • Switches
  • Buttons
  • Segmented Controls
  • Page controls
  • Date Pickers

View Controllers

  • Implementing a Button Action
  • Building a Model
  • Adding Outlets and Action to the Controller
  • Updating the UI
  • Implementing the Controller
  • Creating the new View Controller
  • Building the UI
  • Making the Movie Editor and view Controller
  • View controller in Interface Builder
  • Custom View Controllers
  • Tab Bar Controllers
  • Model View Controllers
  • Combined View Controller Interfaces

Event Handling

  • Events and Event Types
  • Event Delivery
  • Touch Events
  • Motion Events
  • Copy, Cut, Paste Operation

Table Views

  • Basics of Table Views
  • Implementing a simple Table
  • Adding an Image
  • Additional Configuration
  • Customizing Table View Cells
  • Grouped and Indexed Sections
  • Implementing a Search Bar
  • Sorting Table Data
  • Dynamic Table Views


  • The Navigation Controller
  • Navigation based Application
  • Customizing the Navigation Bar

File Management

  • Exploring File System
  • File Attributes
  • Reading Data from Files
  • Asynchronous Files Reading
  • Creating and Deleting Files Directories
  • Writing Data to Files
  • Property Lists and NSCoding
  • Working with Resources and Low level File Access

The SQLite Database

  • Basic Database operation
  • Opening creating and closing Database
  • Table Operation
  • Creating the sample Application
  • Putting your Database on the devices
  • Using your Database on the devices

Core Data

  • The Core Data Stack
  • Building the Core Data Stack
  • Modeling
  • Create, Read, Update and Delete
  • Working with Relationships
  • Search Application
  • Track Table View
  • Fetching the Tracks
  • Change the Tracks
  • Navigation

Location and Google Maps API

  • The Core location Framwork
  • The CLLocation Class
  • A Simple Location-Aware Class
  • Google Maps API
  • A geocoding Application
  • Tracking Application with Maps
  • Working with ZIP codes
  • Working with the Map kit API

Working with Devices

  • Working with Accelerometer
  • Working with Audio
  • Playing Video
  • Accessing Device Information
  • Taking and selecting Pictures
  • Monitoring Device Battery
  • Accessing the Proximity sensors

Drawing with Quartz and Open GL

  • Different Views of Graphical World
  • The Quartz Approach to Drawing
  • Building Quartz Fun Application
  • Open GL ES Basics and Application
  • Introduction to Core Animation
  • Animating UIView
  • Layers

Taps, Touches And Gestures

  • Multitouch Terminology
  • The Multitouch Architecture
  • The Touch Application
  • The Swipes Application
  • Implementing Multiple Swipes
  • Detecting Multiple Taps
  • Detecting Pinches
  • Defining Custom Gestures

Working with Address Book Database

  • Property Type
  • Accessing single –Value properties
  • Accessing Multi-Value Properties
  • Person and Group records
  • Address Book
  • Multithreading and Identifiers
  • Some Applications

Connecting to the Internet

  • Building a Browser with UIwebview
  • Reading Data from Network
  • HTTP Authentication
  • Sending Mail from Your Application

Peer to Peer Networking

  • Using Ad Hoc Network service with Bonjour
  • Bonjour Service Discovery
  • Setting up bluetoothed- Network Game
  • Setting up a Peer Picker
  • Network Game Logic
  • Communicating via GKSession
  • Voice Chat

Advance Networking

  • Determining Network Connectivity Via EDGE or GPRS
  • Uploading Multimedia Content
  • Computing MD5 Hash Value
  • Multithreaded Downloads
  • Push Notification
  • vSending Email

iPod Library Access

  • Monitoring iPod Playback
  • Controlling iPod Playback
  • Using the iPod Library
  • Browsing the iPod Library


  • String Localization
  • Date Formatting
  • Number Formatting
  • Sorted List of Countries
  • Lab

Application Integration

  • Launching other Application
  • Integrating Application


  • Understanding and Fixing Build Errors
  • Understanding and Fixing Importing Errors
  • Understanding and Fixing Interface Builder Errors

Unit Testing Application

  • Unit Testing Overview
  • Setting up Testing
  • Writing Tests
  • Running Tests
  • Writing Testable Code

Real Time Live Project that would be Tested on emulator and ported on Apple’s Hardware Devices in our R&D Lab.

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