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Important information

Typology Training
Level Advanced
Location New delhi
Duration 55 Days
Start Different dates available
  • Training
  • Advanced
  • New delhi
  • Duration:
    55 Days
  • Start:
    Different dates available

Web Development is the most essential skill that employers are looking for in candidates today. Websites are the public interface of large companies and businesses which relate with the general masses and play a pivotal role in the growth and progress of a company. Web designing skills are so important that hefty packages are being paid to individuals with proper knowledge of HTML5, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, PHP, RUBY etc. Of these PHP is the most relevant and most used programming language. It is a fundamental web development language that can be used for both scripting web pages and also for general programming purposes also. It is the heart and core of many million websites and its global architecture has led to its universal acceptance in all kinds of computing platforms.


Where and when

Starts Location Timetable
Different dates available
New Delhi
Tilak nagar, New Delhi -110058, 110058, Delhi, India
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tuesday to friday or weekend class
Starts Different dates available
New Delhi
Tilak nagar, New Delhi -110058, 110058, Delhi, India
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Timetable tuesday to friday or weekend class

Frequent Asked Questions

· What are the objectives of this course?

to become a web developer .

· Who is it intended for?

Get job in web Development company Start career as freelancer want to handle own /clients project Run own web project . Get knowledge before starting Web Development company

· What is the course Pre-requisite ?

Well, we start from basic to advance level ,So you don't have to have previous knowledge in this, but it is plus point if have basic computer knowledge , IT knowledge

· Is there an Test/Exam?

We commit for quality training So students have also role to complete all assignment and previous classes in order to complete successful training. So we can take some test/exam depends upon batch students progress.

What you'll learn on the course

Php training

Teachers and trainers (1)

Pawan Kumar Shah
Pawan Kumar Shah
Web Developer Trainer

Pawan Kumar JANAKPURI-C2, NEW Delhi - 110058 Mobile : +91 99999 680 96 Email: Date of Birth: 12th Oct, 1986 PHP Professional having 6 years working experience in PHP, Drupal, Wordpress, jquery, Ajajx ,HTML/CSS, Photoshop. Objective To achieve a mark of excellence in the areas of technology training with my skills and knowledge blended with positive attitude and a strong desire to excel. I find designing, streamlining procedures and modeling young minds to compete professionals.

Course programme

    • Introduction of PHP, Data Types, Operators
    • Installing Local Server (XAMPP/WAMPP)
    • Echo function, conditional tag (If Else)
    • Loop (While loop, For Loop)
    • Array (Numeric, Associative , Multi-Dimensional)
    • For each loop in array
    • Functions
    • Switch Case
    • OOPS
    • Database , Mysql Data Types, Creating Tables

Project: Shopping Cart
    • Setting up HTML template for PHP project
    • Creating 'register' table ,registeration Page with array validation
    • Login panel using session
    • Setting up my profile page menu visible when logged in else hide
    • Admin Panel /Backend creation
    • Creating 'category', 'color', 'products' table, understanding foreign id
    • Create add category ,add color page
    • Creating add products page
    • Create image upload ,validation random image name
    • Product listing page
    • Product editing page with query string
    • Create CMS page management 'page' table, add,edit,list page
    • Display page through menu item in frontend
    • Frontend category wise product listing
    • Creating product details page using query string
    • Creating cart page , 'cart' table
    • Using inner join to dsiplay product in cart page
    • Managing quantity update, product remove from cart page
    • Creating delevery information page
    • Creating order review page
    • Showing cart summary in right side
    • Implementing paypal payment gatway for online payment
    • Manage purchase order in admin panel
    • Showing order details for user when logged in
    • Creating contact us page to send email
    • Using cookies to remember admin login details

    • Creating Email import application using file handling
    • Creating basic newsletter application
    • Implementing captcha in registration page to prevent spam
    • Implementing pagination in our product listing page

Moving PHP Project from localhost to live server
  • Finalsing project in localhost(local server)
  • Ftp to upload files to server
  • Creating & connecting databse and user in live server

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