Advanced Aviation India

Advanced Aviation India


Advanced Aviation is a New Zealand based Aviation Training Company that has been helping people achieve their aviation goals for the last ten years. Your instructors are qualified teachers and pilots with over 16 years Flight Training experience.

As learning in a foreign environment can initially detract from your learning experience we have brought our Ground School to Bangalore to facilitate your learning needs in a comfortable environment. This will assist you in preparing for your flight training in our wonderful homeland - New Zealand.

Advanced Aviation will provide you with all the tools you will need to achieve your aviation goals within a professional, friendly, family environment.

To achieve this, we will provide an integrated programme of lessons and workshops delivered by qualified and experienced Flight Instructors from New Zealand to help you achieve a New Zealand Pilot’s Licence as the next step on your way to becoming an airline or helicopter pilot.

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  • Certificate
  • Bangalore
  • 13 Weeks

...way to study the flight theory subjects, but our instructors will help you achieve the knowledge and understanding you will require not only for your exams... Learn about: Pilot training in Indian Aviation, Helicopter Pilot Training, Commercial Pilot Training... More

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Areas of specialisation

PPL, CPL, ATPL for both Helicopters and Aeroplanes.

Multi-engine, turbine, instrument and instructor ratings available