Advanced Diploma Course in Internet and Web Designing

Guru Nanak Dev University
In Amritsar

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Location Amritsar
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Amritsar, Punjab, Punjab, India
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Starts On request
Amritsar, Punjab, Punjab, India
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Course programme

The Guru Nanak Dev University's Faculty of Engineering and Technology offers Advanced Diploma Course in Internet and Web Designing to its students. The course structure for it is as follows:

Paper I
Advanced JAVAProgramming

Multithreading : Overview of multithreading, thread methods, thread life cycle, main thread, creating a thread, working with multiple threads, thread exceptions, thread priority.

Abstract Window Toolkit : Introduction abstract window toolkit creating awt controls, layout managers.

Event Handling : Introducing event handling, event delegation approach, the event classes, sources of events, event listener interfaces, process of handling events, action listener, adjustment listener, mouse listener, mouse motion listener, windows listener, key listener.

File Handling: Introducing File handling, input/output streams, file input stream, file output stream, reader and writer stream, random access file.

Java Database Connectivity: Overview of JDBC, JDBC/ODBC bridge, driver manager class, java SQL package, working with databases, creating a data source name, connecting to a database, creating JDBC statements, result set metadata interface.

Java Servlets: Server side technologies, Servlet life cycle, java servlet requirement, generic and HTTP servlets.

Socket Programming: Basics of networking, the client server architecture, overview of uniform resource locator, using IP addresses, proxy server, networking protocols, TCP/IP protocol, UDP protocols, ports and sockets using TCP/IP sockets, using UDP sockets.


Its definition, aims, processes, tools and results, EDI, VANs and internet as promoters.

Types of E-commerce, Commerce-net.
Steps to start e-commerce
H/W and S/W requirements, steps involved in opening your own online business.

Concerns for E-commerce and Growth:
Basic challenges to E-Commerce technological, Legal and regulators heads.

NII: Issues that confront us in relation to securing electronic transactions, Implementation of digital signatures, Authentication, Paper document versus electronic document.

Re-engineering for changer:
Business process re-engineering BPR, planning methods for change to EC/EDI.

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