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Advanced Diploma in Visual effects for Film

Clusters College for Media & Design
In Trivandrum and Calicut

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Important information

Typology Diploma
Location At 2 venues
Duration 12 Months

As the activity industry altering with consequence of worldwide, recession, equipment. The prospect of building house about a skill student have also altered. To assemble the company insist our specialists have put jointly a revise syllabus.

Facilities (2)
Where and when
Starts Location
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3rd Floor, Baby Arcade, PT Usha Road, Calicut, 673032, Kerala, India
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On request
2nd Floor, SFS Pointe, Vazhuthacadu, Trivandrum, 695014, Kerala, India
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Starts On request
3rd Floor, Baby Arcade, PT Usha Road, Calicut, 673032, Kerala, India
See map
Starts On request
2nd Floor, SFS Pointe, Vazhuthacadu, Trivandrum, 695014, Kerala, India
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Course programme

This centre offers program in VFX and the subjects covered in this are as follows:

First Sem (Week one-eight)

Hand Exercise
Illustration strait horizontal & vertical line
Drawing circle
Shade dark do light inside box within its boundaries
Drawing lines at equal distance
Dividing lines and shapes
Create a balanced freehand illustration
Illustration balanced objects like wine glasses or flower vase etc.
Exercise to expand visual & time sense
Understand outlines of nature
Observation of shape from relationship of line
Observation of scaled or dimension with relative scaled
Clap on pre-record beet extra.
Concerto, perception with Object illustration
Concerto hypothesis of 3rd & casing
Balance edge
-ve & +ve space
Compose exercise with geometrical shape
Composite with arrange diverse in front of camera
1 point viewpoint, 2 & 3 point perception
Relationship btw frame, horizon & foreground object
Perception with colour, difference & features
Draw object or still life
History of Animation
History of animation in Hollywood
History of animation in India
Personality devise
Work with explanation of feature
Feature proportion
Costume & peripheral
Planned constituent
Classical Animation, element one
Values of animation
Bounce ball
Bounce ball with diverse obstacle
Get nature with easy geometry shape apply values of animation
Work with Background arrangements & camera appointments
Malty plane camera & unattainable perception designs
3-D Model, Element one
Intro to 3-D software UI
Fundamentals of 3-D environments
Shape, loft, revolved or lathe
3-D Animation, element one
Timeline, frames price set
Key framing auto & manual
Graphs editor & ease in ease out intro
Dope page
3-D Texture Element one
Intro to material individuality
Material editors or Hyper shades or malty leister
Map (flats, round, cylindrical extra)
Handle clay
Study object from all side
Sculpt with add
Sculpt with wounding (like carve on stone)

Second Sem (Week nine- sixteen)

Film Theoretical
Story flow, break of shots & series
Camera angel
180-degre Theoretical
30-degree regulation
Screen direction
Continue & hook-up
Life illustration,
Anatomic study of human body
Apply human anatomy on animation character
Similarity in fundamental structure of dissimilar animals
Fitting human anatomy in non moving things
Color hypothesis & Photoshop
Intro to Photoshop
Primary & secondary colours
Hue Saturation & assessment
Colour harmony
Colour & mood
3-D Light, element one
Understand light
Fundamental light workflows
Kinds of light
Use shadow
3-D Model, element two
Polygons synopsis
Polygons menus
Polygons window & editor
Sculpt mesh surface
Polygons node
Polygons model values
Create prop with Polygon
3-D Animation, element two
Pure phy.
Phy. tail
Difficulty program
3-D Texture, element two
The U.V. base
Unwrap U.V.
Create texture using Photoshop
Energetic / element
Intro to particle
Rapidity, figure, life, colour & dullness
Composite (A.E. or mixture)
Intro to image equipment
Layer & mask
Colour improvement
Film appreciation or analyze on week-end
Analyze arrangement of filmmaking
Intro dissimilar style of films
Show of making of modern profitable animation film

Third Sem (Week Seventeen- Twenty Four)

Advance Maya Dynamic, Element one
Maya particle in feature
Soft & rigid body
Advance V.F.X. Composite or Advance V.F.X. growth, element one
V.F.X. composite work flows
Rotos copy use Nuke, Combustion & fusion
Matt paint
Film appreciation or analyze on week-end
Analyze dissimilar methods in each stream

Forth Sem (Week Twenty five- Thirty Two)

Fundamentals to write story
Fundamental organization to write story
Dissimilar kinds of story
Write Story for animation
Idea growth
Rising idea base on story
Rising idea based on technique
Rising idea based on music and dance
Rising idea based on abstract/ theme
Rising idea material in form of orientation, Draws/ paints, method etc.
Construction work flows
Work flows of periodic animation studio
Work flows of characteristic films
Work flows of Animation & V.F.X. for advertisement
Role & responsibility of characteristic studio
Revise summery of film theories
Translate characters in key visual
Develop storyboard
Adobe Premiere or Final cut Pro
Intro to software U.I. & little necessary transition
Prepare animators use storyboard residential before
Add suggestion music & audio or dialogue track
Present to the judges for feedback
Concluding Project growth, element one (All Candidates)
Advance Maya Dynamic, Part 2 (V.F.X. flow)
Active simulation
Association editors
Energetic node
Advance V.F.X. Composite or Advance V.F.X. Developed, element one (V.F.X. Stream)
Wire elimination, rig elimination, spotless plate
Roto track
Track spotless plates
Key knowledge
Morph warp
Film approval / analyze on week-ends

Fifth Sem (Week Thirty Three- Forty)

Concluding Project growth, element Two
Advance Maya active element Three
Intro to Maya solution
Texture & shade solution
Advance V.F.X. Composite or Advance V.F.X Development, element three
Motion track & match moves
Crowd exploitation
3-D composite organization
Colour alteration
Motion graphic
Film approval or analyze on week-ends

Sixth Sem (Week Forty- Forty Eight)

Concluding Project growth, element Three
Intro to business
Specialized ethic
Interview abilities

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