Advanced Legal Communication

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Typology Course
Level Advanced
Methodology Online
Duration 12 Weeks
  • Course
  • Advanced
  • Online
  • Duration:
    12 Weeks

Enrol in this programme and learn to:
- Develop skills and techniques related to all of the main writing tasks that law students and legal practitioners require
- Draft contracts effectively and persuasive legal opinions, pleadings and memos
- Improve writing, drafting and speaking skills while also developing competency in such areas such as persuasive writing
- Develop advanced skills that will allow you to communicate more clearly, accurately and successfully


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Teachers and trainers (2)

Suhasini Rao Kashyap
Suhasini Rao Kashyap

Suhasini graduated from ILS Law College, Pune and started her career with litigation at the High Court of Rajasthan in Jaipur. Her strengths in civil litigation were further honed in Delhi, where she was associated with a law firm from its initial days. She then moved to the corporate space,where she handled global legal compliance and employee regulations for an IT MNC. To complement the Diploma in European Union Laws that she holds from the University of Athens, Suhasini then went on to earn an LLM from the United Nations Inter-regional Criminal and Justice Research Institute,Italy

Tennille Duffy
Tennille Duffy

Tennille graduated from the University of Newcastle, Australia, in 2004 with a combined Arts/Law degree. She was admitted as a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of New South Wales, Australia, in 2005. She has a background in criminal defence advocacy and human rights policy work, and has served as a Lecturer of Law at the University of New South Wales in Sydney. Tennille joined Rainmaker in 2011. She trains in in skills-based areas such as legal writing and research.

Course programme


Unit 1: Legal Writing as Persuasive Writing

• Learn the art of persuasion and techniques for developing and structuring a persuasive argument.

• Study how to identify and frame issues effectively.

Unit 2: Drafting Contracts

• Explore the fundamental aspects of successful contract drafting.

• Identify the essential elements required in all valid, legally-binding contracts.

Unit 3: Writing a Memo

• Master the use of a memo-format for writing up research and analysing legal problems and issues.

• Develop important skills such as issue identification and summarising.

Unit 4: Writing Pleadings

• Draft proper and effective pleadings by harnessing the format to your advantage.

• Study the accepted structure and content of pleadings.

Unit 5: Writing a Legal Opinion

• Learn the style and elements of a legal opinion.

• Develop your skills in both assessing a case and communicating with your clients and colleagues.

Unit 6: Fundamentals of Oral Communication

• Explore the different kinds of speaking that lawyers do.

• Study the importance of preparation and structure when speaking.

Unit 7: Oral Advocacy

• Learn the fundamental aspects of oral advocacy.

• Analyse the importance of acting ethically at all times, and how to build a solid professional reputation.

Unit 8: Making Presentations

• Study how to speak to a group, and make a presentation.

• Learn how to structure presentations, successfully engage the audience, and use visual aids.

Unit 9: Attending and Conducting Interviews

• Learn the ins and outs of interviews—as either the interviewer, or the interviewee.

• Learn to plan and think about the purpose of an interview before commencing.

• Study valuable interview techniques for both listening and questioning.

Unit 10: Conducting Negotiations

• Learn to determine when it’s suitable to negotiate, and how to prepare for an effective negotiation.

• Study how to conduct a negotiation, including the ethical considerations involved.

Additional information

Effective communication is the most basic skill of any lawyer. This Programme will develop your written and oral communication skills, whether you are studying or already engaged in legal practice.  Are you a:   •  Law student eager to build a career in corporate law firms, in-house corporate teams, or litigation; or •  Practising lawyer intent on enhancing your written and oral communication skills?   We recommend that you enrol in this Programme now. We recommend that you enrol in the Legal Writing and Introduction to Drafting Programmes as well, if you are not familiar with the basics of written legal communication.   Did You Know:   •  That one of the most important things in an interview is not just what you say, but how you listen? •  That visual aids do not necessarily need to be used in all presentations? •  That lawyers can use persuasive techniques in both writing and speaking tasks?

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