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Typology Diploma
Methodology Distance learning
Duration 5 Days
Start Different dates available
Internship Yes
Delivery of study materials Yes
Support service Yes
Personal tutor Yes
Virtual classes Yes
  • Diploma
  • Distance learning
  • Duration:
    5 Days
  • Start:
    Different dates available
  • Internship
  • Delivery of study materials
  • Support service
  • Personal tutor
  • Virtual classes

It was felt that the courses now being conducted lacked the depth and scope that was needed for a good education in fixed orthodontics. The courses that purports to teach fixed orthodontics in a few days, weeks or months time does not do justice to the vast field of orthodontics and produce at best half baked practitioners with knowledge in and slave to a particular technique / prescription, unable to innovate or adapt to newer developments in the field. As Dr.Burstone says, a good practitioner of the art and science of fixed orthodontics must grow from”orthodontics of personalities" to “orthodontics of biomechanics", delivering what is best to his patient. The 3 tiered course structure of AFO, provides a firm handholding to the participant from the beginner stage until he becomes an expert practitioner.


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Starts Location
Different dates available
Distance learning
Starts Different dates available
Distance learning

Frequent Asked Questions

· What are the objectives of this course?

AFO LEVEL I - Straight Wire (MBT Prescription) Orthodontics Demystified! This is a 2 day course meant for the dental practitioner who wants to include fixed orthodontics treatment in his skill repertoire and thus increase his patient base. The course is also meant for those dentists who are practicing older techniques of labial orthodontics and want to switch over to the more modern straight wire technique. The course consists of one day of theory and one day Hands-on on typodont. It is the object of the course to introduce the participant to the technique of Straight Wire orthodontics and equip the participant with enough knowledge and skill to start practicing this technique in their clinics. Coupled with the extensive online support and post course mentoring, this is the ideal course for a beginner trying to start orthodontics in his practice.

· Requirements

Bachelor of Dental Surgery or Master of Dental Surgery

· What marks this course apart?

AFO FELLOWSHIP IN ORTHODONTICS (FAFO) This is the Level III course from AFO. Participants have to pass the Level II course to appear for the Fellowship course. The course can also be conducted as a continuous 10 to 15 day program where the participants are directly awarded AFO Fellowship in Orthodontics AFO MASTERSHIP IN ORTHODONTICS (MAFO) This is awarded to AFO Fellows after 2 years of practice and course work. The Mastership degree in orthodontics will allow participants to open a chapter of AFO and become AFO certified faculty. AFO DIPLOMATE IN ORTHODONTICS (Dip. Ortho) This is awarded to AFO Masters after 3 years of practice (after the Fellowship) and course work including Lingual cases. The Diplomates in Orthodontics will become AFO Senior Faculty


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Academy of Fixed Orthodontics
Academy of Fixed Orthodontics
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Course programme

This center provides the program from the field of orthodontic. This covers subjects such as Implantations, begg & all. Those who don't know English should have on job experience for applying to this program.

Subjects Covered:

* Mini-Screw Implantations in Orthodontic
* Begg's Orthodontic
* Tip-Edge Orthodontic
* Edge-wise Orthodontic
* Ligating Bracket
* Lingual Orthodontic

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