Advanced Securities Law

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Typology Workshop
Level Advanced
Methodology Online
Duration 12 Weeks
  • Workshop
  • Advanced
  • Online
  • Duration:
    12 Weeks

Enrol now and learn to:
- Identify and Execute the procedures necessary for public issues, rights issues and preferential issues
- Understand the functioning of Foreign Currency Convertible Bonds, Global Depository Receipts and American Depository Receipts
- Examine the Securities and Exchange Board of India's regulations on insider training and takeovers, including the Takeover Code introduced recently
- Study the impact of the new Companies Act, 2013 on the Securities Market


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Deeksha Singh
Deeksha Singh

After graduating from NLSIU Deeksha joined ICICI Bank, Mumbai and worked with their Structured Finance and Corporate Strategy Teams. Then she moved to the ESSAR Group, where she independently handled various financing transactions. At Rainmaker, Deeksha is a member of the Learning Team and is involved in the ideation, structuring and creation of programmes on, and writes regularly on Securities Law and Banking & Finance.

Course programme


Unit 1: Public Issues: Initial Public Offering – I

• Learn about public issues, specifically, initial public offers (“IPOs”).

• Identify the broad eligibility conditions and procedure for an IPO.

• Study the relevant provisions of the Companies Act, 1956 (“Companies Act”) and the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Issue of Capital and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2009 (“ICDR Regulations”) that apply during this process.

Unit 2: Public Issues: Initial Public Offering – II

• Examine the process followed by an issuing company in the run-up to an IPO.

• Learn more about the requirements laid down in the relevant provisions of the Companies Act and ICDR Regulations.

Unit 3: Public Issues: Other Key Aspects

• Study the key aspects that an issuing company and its merchant bankers have to address in an IPO.

• Understand the requirements a company has to fufill once it is listed on the stock exchange.

• Examine the listing agreement entered into by issuing companies with the relevant stock exchange.

Unit 4: Rights Issues

• Study the procedure that a company undertaking a rights issue to the public needs to follow.

• Identify the conditions it needs to follow to issue a letter of offer.

Unit 5: Preferential Issues

• Understand the concept of preferential allotments or private placements.

• Examine the provisions in the ICDR Regulations relating to such allotments.

Unit 6: Trading, Clearing, and Settlement of Listed Shares

• Understand how securities listed on stock exchanges are actually traded, cleared, and settled.

Unit 7: Securities Involving Foreign Sources

• Study some of the instruments that: (a) foreign companies looking to access Indian markets can issue; and (b) Indian companies looking to access foreign capital can issue. These include Indian depository receipts, American depositary receipts, global depositary receipts, foreign currency convertible bonds, and foreign currency exchangeable bonds.

Unit 8: Understanding Insider Trading Regulations

• Examine the law relating to insider trading in the shares of listed companies in India incorporated in the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Prohibition of Insider Trading) Regulations, 1992.

Unit 9: Understanding Takeover Regulations

• Understand the basic and important concepts of the takeover regime.

• Learn about disclosure requirements.

• Learn about open offer triggers and procedures.

Unit 10: Understanding Relevant Provisions of the Companies Act, 2013

• Analyse the important provisions of the Companies Act, 2013 that affect capital markets transactions in India.

Additional information

Welcome to the Advanced Securities Law programme!   With record-breaking IPOs and increasing activity in the securities markets, the need for experts in Securities Law keeps increasing every year. This programme helps you master the more complex concepts of Securities Law and understand their real-world impact.   Are you a:   •  Law student eager to build a career in a corporate law firm, in-house corporate legal advisory team or corporate commercial litigation;  •  Practising lawyer intent on enhancing your knowledge of, and skills necessary for practicing in, Securities Law; or •  Management or Finance student/professional keen to understand the various laws and regulations applicable to the securities market?   We recommend that you enrol in this Programme now. We also recommend that you enrol in the Introduction to Securities Law Programme, if you do not have a basic knowledge of Securities Law.   Did You Know:   •  That there are two types of IPOs—book-building issues and fixed price issues? •  That the SEBI’s regulations require issuing companies to compulsorily allot a minimum percentage of the issue to retail investors? •  That only existing shareholders as on a designated date—referred to as the record date—are eligible to subscribe to shares in a rights issue? •  That the definition of an ‘insider’ under the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Prohibition of Insider Trading) Regulations, 1992 includes a person connected to the company as well as someone who would have been considered as a ‘connected person’ at any time within six months before the alleged act of insider trading?

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