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At Airawat, we feel that the industry faces manpower crunch in various fields which are very instrumental for its growth. Hence, you get to choose from a range of courses which help you tap the many job opportunities which the Aviation sector has to offer. At this point I would like to share with you, that it is indeed a matter of pride for me and my team to witness each and every student getting close, and finally achieving their dreams and enjoying their journey with us.

The best is what you get at Airawat. We have an exclusive tie-up with Dowling College, School of Aviation, New York (USA), which works very closely with us on most of our programmes. Dowling College holds very high standards as they get grants from NASA for their projects.

The Academy is strongly backed by the parent company Airawat Aviation (P) Ltd. (India) and sister concern Airawat Aviation Inc. (USA), which carries out activities at several airports in India (and are consultants to various other organizations in the industry).

This gives us a complete insight and understanding of the airlines and hence our students get direct access to many airline job opportunities.

I am also proud to announce that the Board of Directors at Airawat have recently approved the proposal to start Airawat Institute of Management Studies (AIMS) and launch its regional airline Air Airawat.

The Airawat Group, with its diversified operations ranging from Pilot Training to Baggage Handling to Aircraft Leasing a