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In chemistry, Alchemy means conversion of any substance into gold; so also at Alchemy, 100% Transformation is the key objective – transforming aspiring models & actors into disciplined, talented & professional individuals and setting them on the right track for a great future

For those with an ambition, we supply the right tools, training & career development resources to guarantee success in this fiercely competitive entertainment industry.

Whether it is for personal improvement, self-confidence, self – esteem, etiquette or acting & modelling, Alchemy is the place to go for training, direction and most of all, placement. We have been training & placing individuals between the age group of six & sixty in the entertainment industry

The Alchemy program offers a well-crafted curriculum of what is expected in the industry. We believe that training makes the difference, and ensure that all our students are well prepared in all areas of the industry. It's fun & informative