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Started in 2009, we plan to make history!

Advantages of studying here

The main reasons you will love us:
1. The course is really in-depth and once you complete our 2-month course, you will be a pro and can take up any interview and get the job
2. You will be able to showcase your technical talents to the right people in the right way at the right time
3. We don't want to fleece you off, of all your money! You just pay us 8000Rs. for this course (which is really affordable) and advice you to use your money on making a movie, not on a course :-)
4. Finally, you are able to live your dreams!

Areas of specialisation

The course has everything to do with the technicalities of film and television production such as screen writing or screenplay or tv writing, pre-production, production and post-production processes, editing, camera handling, lenses, physics of coloring, the various people involved in the film making process with who does what, when, why and how. This course IS NOT about the basics, that's easy to find on the internet. We delve deep into the topics which will help you understand the significance of the technicalities involved, take up interviews confidently or make your own indie movies! All relevant tools are taught complete hands-on and live projects. At the end of this course, you will not only know which part of film-making is your cup of tea (or coffee), but also know every skill there is.. that's a li'll too much to expect, but we know how to deliver, beyond expectations! So, contact us, right now. Details: Fees: Rs. 8000, Duration: Two months. Good Day; Lights, Camera.. Action


We provide movie and tv production technical course at affordable rates. Rs. 8000, part time, 2 months course. This is a completely in-depth course which deals with all aspects of TV and film production such as screenplay writing, dp, camera, direction, PR, how to get work, indie film etc. The best and most comprehensive and affordable course!

The Alchemy Film Institute