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Typology Course
Level Advanced
Methodology Online
Class hours 150h
Duration Flexible
Online campus Yes
Delivery of study materials Yes
Support service Yes
Personal tutor Yes
  • Course
  • Advanced
  • Online
  • 150h
  • Duration:
  • Online campus
  • Delivery of study materials
  • Support service
  • Personal tutor

This course is adressed to any person who wants to approach the subject either for professional or amateur reasons. It is created by experts in the field and each subject is covered very well. Thanks to this course you will approach to the subject and find new job opportunities.

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Frequent Asked Questions

· Who is it intended for?

To any person who wants to approach the Animal world

· Requirements

Internet connection and personal mail box.

· Qualification

Certificate of Attendance.

· What marks this course apart?

Greater quality with minor cost

· What happens after requesting information?

We will immediately contact you, usually by email within 24 hours. The couse will begin after confirming payment

What you'll learn on the course

Animal Care
Animal Health
Animal Nutrition
Veterinary Assistant

Teachers and trainers (1)

Ilaria Gamboni
Ilaria Gamboni

Course programme

Here we explain the main parts of the syllabus:

- Cat and dog's anatomy and physiology: malformation of the locomotor and skeletal system, respiratory system, urinary system, integument system, nervous system and sensory organs, cardiovascular system, digestive system, reproductive system.

- Zoology of canine e felines' races: atlas of the races and cat and dogs' origins.

- Dog's psychology: line of reasoning and feelings, territoriality, hierarchical structure, causes of conflict between dogs and owners and dogs and children, when the dog talks to the man, dog's temperament.

- Nutrition and alimentation: nutrients, alimentary behaviour and admission in pathological cases.

- Veterinary pathology: illnesses of the urinary system, afterwards we will be speaking about illnesses of the endocrine system, of the skeletal system, integument system and nervous system, dysmetabolic illnesses and veterinary cardiology.

- Cat and dog's parasites: internal and external parasites, symptoms and therapies.

- Main activities in veterinary clinic: welcoming and advising the client, veterinary assistance, physical examinations, clinic's instruments.

- Veterinary first aid: we will begin with an introduction to first aid's instruments, afterwards we will be speaking about urgency pharmacology, vaccinations, shock, monitoring, sepsis, cardiopulmonary resuscitation caused by respiratory distress, fluid therapy, blood transfusions, pain therapy, convulsive crisis, head spinal and muscular injuries, complications of the reproductive system, childbirth and neonatal emergencies infectious oncological and poisoning emergencies, diagnosis through images ( ultrasound, radiology, tomography and MRI)

- Dog training: how to train a dog through experts techniques

- Grooming: grooming general instructions, tools and techniques, different kinds of looks according to the canine or feline race.

- Pet's shop: characteristics of the field and selling techniques.

Additional information

If you wish to have more information please contact us!People who enroll in one of our courses will have a 15% discount from the second course onwards, this includes also tailored courses!! Contact us!

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