The Art Of Maya



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    Distance learning

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    12 Months



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Trivandrum (Kerala)
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Dharmalayam Road, Opp:Ayurveda College, 695001

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Course programme

Introduction to Maya - Learn the basics of 3D computer graphics using Autodesk Maya. Lectures will cover the application of Maya in the film, television and game industries.Surface ModelLing - This course offers in-depth training of advanced modelling tools, as well as specific techniques for modelling architecture, vehicles, and environments.Polygon ModelLing - This course is a comprehensive look at the complete suite of Maya's polygonal and subdivision surface modelling toolsTexture Mapping - Learn to use texturing techniques as tools for achieving a level of complexity that would be difficult, or too computationally expensive by modeling alone.Lighting and Rendering - This course covers how to achieve successful lighting effects with the Maya renderer through a mix of technical and aesthetic lessons.Character RIGING AND Skinning - Learn advanced topics related to body and head deformations in Maya, including rigid/soft binding, stitching and advanced facial deformation Character Animation - Set up a character for a wide range of complex body movement, with controls that are intuitive and flexible.Learn the core toolset for motion keyframing Dynamic Effects - This course covers how to produce particle-based effects such as smoke, fire, galaxies and many other commonly used effects.

The Art Of Maya

₹ 17 VAT incl.