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aiflc chandigarh offers language courses in Arabic, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Mandarin and chinese,Russian. 9888012118,9646012118 sector 8 b scf 19 chandigarh. International aiflc Chandigarh offers language courses in Arabic, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Mandarin and Russian. Evening, weekend and private language courses can be taken at our purpose built language school in Chandigarh. Business language training courses can be delivered in your company or at our school. Flexible language courses Our evening language courses are split into ability levels from complete beginner through to advanced. Each language level is divided into four six-week modules designed to follow smoothly on from each other to give a clear sense of progression. Our language modules allow you to take language learning as far as you want to – from a single 6 week course to as many modules in a level as you need. It takes 24 weeks to complete a level, or 12 weeks if you take a fast track course. Language classes at aiflc Chandigarh Evening language classes at International aiflc Chandigarh are dynamic and interactive. Your teacher speaks in the language being taught and uses teaching aids to help you understand. Emphasis is on spoken communication and interaction, supported by systematic work on grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. Online language learning support You can pick up lesson summaries and notes in our online learning environment and find extra study resources and links. We also run language forums to keep in touch with your classmates. Arabic Arabic classes, for beginners to advanced, to develop and build your language ability Learn Arabic Brazilian Portuguese Brazilian Portuguese language courses for all levels. Learn Portuguese French Learn French in chandigarh with a language course at International House London. Learn French German Dynamic and interactive German classes at International House London. Learn German Italian Italian courses for all levels, choose classes in the evening or at weekends. Learn Italian Japanese Japanese language courses taught mid-week evenings or at weekends in Chandigarh. Learn Japanese Mandarin Learn Mandarin in Chandigarh on our fast track language course. Learn Mandarin Russian Fast-track Russian course for quick progress with your language learning Learn Russian,danish,dutch,swedish,norwegian,finnish,thai language institute in Chandigarh, Spanish classes in Chandigarh for beginners to advanced levels. sector 8 b scf 19 Chandigarh +919888012118,+9646012118

ashu jain