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The AsiaGSB "Founding Conference" was held on 19th January 2008, at the Hyderabad International Convention Centre, Hyderabad, India, with over 40 Professors, Deans, and Directors from across Asia, US and Europe participating in the experience.A few panelists were of the view that there was an over-emphasis in B-schools on case-studies on business models of the Western world. In the process, one could lose track of the way businesses are run in our neighbouring countries.The aim of the conference was to evolve the vision, develop the mission statement and the essential strategic innovations of Asia GSB, and to focus on the collaborative model of the business school. The delegates deliberated upon programs to be offered, curricula, academic model, and faculty compensation matters. This led to an opportunity for the academic leaders to design the future of the school from inception itself- an idea never before attempted in the world of business education. These are the extracts from the founding conference of Asia Graduate School of Business:


Asia Graduate School of Business is a member of the ITM Group of Institutions, a private not-for-profit organization established in 1991 and chaired by Dr. P.V. Ramana.AsiaGSB has been established with a mission to evolve postgraduate business education with specific attention to the economies and industries of the Asian subcontinent. AsiaGSB's core program offering will be a fast-track MBA, with a unique curriculum that focuses on next generation concepts and practices prevalent in Asian and global business.Located in Hyderabad, India, AsiaGSB is currently developing an expansive, 14-acre campus employing the best practices in institutional infrastructure, designed by internationally renowned architects. The campus is designed to be a learning community; a self-contained environment, which will fulfill the academic and personality needs of our students, faculty and staff.Starting operations in June 2009, an international mix of students from across the continent will be admitted to the program. Teaching resources will be drawn from eminent faculties of some of the world's leading institutions. AsiaGSB has signed agreements to source faculty members from universities in USA, Europe and China; bringing both western and eastern perspectives to our programs.

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