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Important information

Typology Training
Methodology Online
Class hours 60h
  • Training
  • Online
  • 60h

After completing this course, you should be able to:
o Use ASP.NET to develop a website.
o Use all the HTML and web server controlsto develop web application.
o Experiment with more advanced Controls like validations and navigations.
o Experiment with user control and custom control.
o Use Microsoft ADO.NET to access and manipulate data in a database.
o Use Master Pages and Themes in web application.

Frequent Asked Questions

· Requirements

Fundamentals and coverage of the IT Foundation Program C# and Introduction to .NET

What you'll learn on the course

3D Studio Animation
3D Animation

Course programme

Web Page's AnatomyClassic ASP and Web Server, Getting Started with ASP.NET, Using Visual Studio, Debugging, Web Page Life CyclePage Methods, Web Page Life Cycle, Initial Settings, Introduction to Various Controls - I, Introduction to Various Controls - II, Designing a Page with Web Controls, ASP.NET Validation - I, ASP.NET Validation - II, Comparing a Value of a Control, Navigation Controls, Master Pages & Content Pages, Configuring Websites, Additional Configuration Settings, State Management Choices - Part1, State Management Choices - Part2, View State, Binding Data to Controls - Part1, Binding Data to Controls - Part2, Using Data, Grid Creating User Controls, Creating Custom Server Controls, Composite Control, Extending a Control, Authentication, Membership Data Store, Using ASP.NET Themes, Creating Your Own Theme, Resources, Localization Virtual Directories, Publishing Website