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1118, Kalikapur - Purbalok , 700099, West Bengal, India
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Starts On request
1118, Kalikapur - Purbalok , 700099, West Bengal, India
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Course programme

Nowadays, this program is one of the most favorite programming frame-works in the web development industry. Therefore, attending this ASP .NET teaching program in Kolkata is tremendously helpful if the person desires to rapidly discover a place in the job market.
Application Programming Interface
• Lively Web Pages
• Influential Web-Applications
ASP .NET is a subsequent generation edition of Microsoft-ASP (Active Server Pages). At the commencing, after the setting up of the Internet, web pages were initially stagnant & had to be physically rationalized in case of any modifications. A platform to create changeable Web-Pages that would keep posted robotically had become the requirement of the hour. Microsoft initially brought A.S.P. to decipher this trouble. Though, as applications expanded large & more complicated the requirement for architecture was realized, which would permit application development in a planned way. Microsoft .NET frame-work was prefaced with ASP .NET program & it made it easy the way web applications were constructed.

The main contents of the program are as follows:

Level-1 Net Frame-work & Fundamentals plus ADO .Net

• Preface to .NET: .Net Frame-work 1/2.0/3/3.5, .Net-Architecture
• 'C#' Application Preface: Applications Life cycle and Pages life cycle Command line & VS .NET complex things.
• "C#" Rudiments: General sessions, declaration, conditional, loop, array, string, enumeration, structure.
• O.O.P. in C#: Encapsulation, bequest, polymorphism
• Exception & Objects Life-time: exception & the trash collector.
• Interfaces & collections: The ways to and reasons to utilize them in compilation.
• Call-back Interface, Delegates, & Events: basic of each -- very significant for event driven (G.U.I.) programming
• Higher level "C#" Types Construction: Indexer, operator burden, conversion
• Generics: basic-syntax
• .NET Assembly: basic general view
• Procedures App-Domains, Context, Threading, Kind of Reflection, Late-Binding, Attributes based programs: Higher level contents from the text will be conversef as time allows. The institute can choose as a class on what to discover if it gets to this point.
• Objects Serialization: general concepts
• Windows Form: Basics window program: form, component class, controlling class, controlling events, menus, status-bars, tool-bars, communicating with the registry
• Drawing in Windows (GDI+): Painting sessions, the Graphics classes, coordination system, colors, font, hit-testing.
• Form Controlling: control-hierarchy, text-boxes, buttons, check-boxes, radio-boxes, list-boxes, combo-boxes, etc.
• Data-Access with ADO .NET: walking through the illustrations

Level-2 Web-Service
• Preface to Web Services & web services rudiments
• Web Services and I.I.S., Write a Web service
• Window based Web-Service and Web-based web-service, testing a web-service
Level-3 Windows Presentation Foundation (W.P.F.)
• Preface to W.P.F., Applications & Windows Object and Basic-Brushes
• The Concepts of Contents, Buttons & Other Control
• Layouts Under W.P.F., Dependency Property and Routed Input Event
• List boxes & Menu
• Toolbar, Status-Bars, Tree-View and List view
• Preface to X.A.M.L.
• Resources, Windows, Pages and Navigations, Data-Binding and Styles
Level-4 Windows Communications Foundations (W.C.F.)
• Preface to W.C.F. & Architecture
• Concept of Address, Contract & Binding
• Concept of End-points, Hosts & Customers
Level-5 Live International Projects
This is a phase where applicants operate on live intercontinental projects in the institute's portfolio & obtain a chance to function with a group of experts at the company.

Additional information

Payment options: Introductory offer: Rs.21000 [1st Instalment - Rs.10500] [2nd Instalment - Rs.10500] One time course fee: Rs.20000

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