Association for Yoga and Meditation

Association for Yoga and Meditation


AYM has a vision for the world to be free from stress, anxiety, depression, disease, personal professional and family problems by practicing easy, simple, authentic, traditional and true yoga based on classical teachings which includes asana, pranayama and meditation and stress management, detoxification techniques.

AYM invites everyone to experience, experiment, realize, understand the simple, integrated holistic program which aim at achieving health, harmony and happiness beside realizing the inner potential mingling one with one, the realization on oneness the inner self.

AYM aims at bringing out human excellence at personal, professional, social and spiritual levels through conscious expansiveness and revolution combines with different authentic and classical wisdom of yoga i.e. Raja Yoga, Karma Yoga, emotional culture of Bhakti yoga, tantric culture of hatha yoga.

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Diploma in Yoga Course in New Delhi
Association for Yoga and Meditation
  • Diploma
  • New Delhi
  • 1 Day

...Understanding needs: The mentor must make sure the applicant is able to: 1. Comprehend factual implication and description of Yoga. 2. Give details... Learn about: Alternative Therapy, Yoga Meditation... More

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