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The training arm of the company has been established with the objective of bridging the wide gap that exists between the academics and the industry's requirements. Several students both working and non-working from all over India and abroad have immensely benefited from these courses. The students also include foreign nationals.

Other than the training in chemical, mechanical and instrumentation design, we have introduced several advanced training courses such as in Process Safety.

Advantages of studying here

Our courses are conducted on one-to-one basis rather than by delivering lectures to a batch of tens or hundreds of students. We have hands on extensive prior experience in the areas of the courses offered by us. So you can be confident about the relevance of the courses offered to the expectations from the industry.

There are several institutes all over India who have tried to copy our courses, but have failed miserably due to lack of substance, sincerity and because of the tendency to make money without ensuring that the students are fully benefited.

Areas of specialisation

Why attend this training?

The training delivered is the BEST in India owing to its contents, the way training is delivered and its personalized basis. The courses is developed and designed by Mr. Rajesh Kulkarni who has over 25 years of experience in chemical, petrochemical and Oil&Gas with over 10 years of international experience with some of the world's best engineering and operating organizations. He himself delivers the courses in Process Design, Simulations and Process Safety. It is for these reasons, professionals and freshers alike from all over India and also from abroad go for this training. Irrespective of one's academic performance during engineering or the type of industry that one may be working, one can be sure of its effectiveness. After attending this valuable training, one can immediately start applying the knowledge gained from the training. No need to say that the knowledge gained is from the personalized professional is industrially relevant and therefore helps in getting a job as you are bound to perform well in interviews after taking training with us.

What is more, we offer subscription to our portal at a nominal subscription fees. This is the only web-based portal in the world that opens a treasure of most common and exclusive engineering calculations to be performed online. You can further explore the direction and details in which you can progress with the help of these calculations. You can very well imagine that only our institute that has such a solid background in process design will be able to deliver the training in best possible manner. This portal will soon have a discussion forum and a recruitment portal specific to process industry.

Why go for training with Atharva ProcTek only?
Although the course topics may sound the similar to those offered by others, the detail to which these topics are covered by us have no other parallel. Besides, personalized nature of the course ensures that everyone understands all the topics thoroughly. The faculty has over 20 years of experience in Chemical, Petro-chemical and Oil&Gas fields both in India and abroad with several multinational engineering companies as well as multinational Oil&Gas Operating companies. The course is therefore designed such that it more than meets the industry's expectations from you. The fees charged is commensurate with the best possible training thus delivered and also with the actual number of contact hours. You can refer to our website for the feedback from our participants and also for the list of companies they come from or join after the training.

There are several jokers in the market who offer same or similar courses and make a mockery of teaching process design. Do not fall for them just because they are closer to you or because they charge less than we do. It is business for them and your career means nothing for them. Do not repent by joining such courses and to find that you have not even got any knowledge that will help you in getting a job in the middle of the course. Your career is of utmost importance to us. You can be sure of best possible quality of training in India with us.

You can refer our website for the feedback from our participants and also for the list of companies they come from or join after the training.

Placement support:
We provide placement support based on the requirements of the industry openings in India as well as abroad and based on the candidates own academic and professional profile. We do not deliberately
use the words like 100% placement assistance or placement support, which may sound to you as placement guarantee. It is our confidence that our candidates will perform in the interviews better than anyone else.


Personalized Professional Training

At Atharva ProcTek (Process Technologies), we have extensive experience in Process and other Engineering Design in Chemical, Petrochemical and Oil&Gas fields that we can share with you….. And we are already in the business of Consultancy to various Indian and overseas industries in Chemical and Oil&Gas fields. Our autonomous training institute offers best possible training in the areas related to the process industry, be it Chemical, Petro-chemical or Oil&Gas industry. We do not believe in churning out batches of several students by way of lectures. Instead, we deliver the training by way of personalized training to ensure every one understands all the topics thoroughly. The trust acquired by the quality of the training imparted by us fetches us students; both working and non-working from both India and abroad.

Atharva Proctek