‘AUTOCHIEF’ main-engine manoeuvring and control course

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Important information

Typology Course
Location Mumbai
Duration 4 Days
  • Course
  • Mumbai
  • Duration:
    4 Days


Where and when

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201,'SIGMA' Technology Street Hiranandani Gardens Powai , 400076, Maharashtra, India
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Starts On request
201,'SIGMA' Technology Street Hiranandani Gardens Powai , 400076, Maharashtra, India
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Course programme

The program is performed on the K.O.N.G.S.B.E.R.G (formerly N.O.R.C.O.N.T.R.O.L.) 'Auto-Chief' complete assignment chief engine steering & controlling systems simulators.
The 'Auto-Chief' M.E distant controlling systems is one of the generally usually establish distant controlling systems on boards ships of all types. In addition to enable opening, overturning & controlling, it also fits in the security fold up & hold up characters of the M.E.
The target is to construct the candidates capability & self-assurance in being capable to function the systems, fully appreciative its capability & limitation & also to trouble-shoot the systems while necessary. Concentrated following & description of the M.E pneumatic steering circuits would also be performed.
The practical philosophy pursued makes sure that the candidates themselves function or regulate the systems. This would aid to expand on the whole perceptive of the systems function & the self-assurance to function it.
The simulators is outfitted with the real panel as would be found on boards. It consists of the Bridge Controlling boards & telegraphs, the Engine Controlling Room Boards & telegraphs, the Security System Boards, the Governor Systems Boards & a Local Controlling Stands with the Governor Actuators & Mimic Chief Engines. It is also built-in with diverse faults suggesting switche in the electrical circuits which are used to display ordinary trouble as also for trouble-shooting practices.
Program Target:
The target of the program is to:
· modify the candidates to recognize pneumatic component & read or realize pneumatic circuit.
· modify engineer to function the 'A.U.T.O.C.H.I.E.F.' control systems in a right & secured manners.
· Trouble-shoot them logically & expeditiously
· Further Study through sharing of experience among Candidates.
The program is suitable for:
Management & functional stage Engineer & Electrical Officer.
Program Syllabus:
· Pneumatic component, their symbol, port nomenclature (I.S.O. 5599) & symbol analysis.
· Concentrated pneumatic circuits trace of the B & W M.C type Chief Engine
· Guideline of the 'A.U.T.O.C.H.I..E.F.' control systems
· Total familiarity with all the 'A.U.T.O.C.H.I.E.F.' control panel - the W.H & E.C.R. distant Controlling Panel, the Security Panel S.S.U.8800 & the Digital Governors Panel 8810 e.
· Description of the different Functional Code (Op Code), Channel Parameter & Value for the Controlling or Security or Governor systems signal & their functions.
· Adjusting & setting of the telegraphs speed order potentiometers, panel power supply checking or adjustments.
· Hands-on trouble-shooting exercise incorporating the pneumatic circuits trace & logical analysis of system fault.
· Guidelines of Governor systems - description & demonstration of the diverse dissimilar mode of function & governor behaviours in this mode, the speed signals & fuel indexes limiter function, diverse setting & others.

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