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ANHC Ayurvedic Natural Health Centre Goa India is Recognised, Recommended and Authorized by the Tourism Department of the State - Goa.
Though the entire staff at Ayurvedic Natural Heath centre Goa India i.e. the doctors and the assistants and the Yogacharyas are from Kerala state, the ayurvedic site is chosen in Goa because it is found the most appropriate place for reasons those undermined:

* Climate Most suited throughout the year for the treatment.
* Less Pollution.
* Less Population.
* Goa is a mixture of Western and Indian culture, which harmonises in the development of this Natural Treatment.
* English is widely spoken in Goa.
* Well-known tourist place in India
* Cordiality, hospitality & generosity of people is most encouraging.
* Goa is a land of greenery.
* Goa is free from the elements that destroy health and nature, mostly found prevailing abundantly in other parts of the world.
* Goa has a natural scenic beauty yet untouched by man.

Ayurvedic Natural Health Centre